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Girls only younger girls or older any

Looking for an older women or any other girls hmu

Any girls want to talk or rp?

Older guy here , HMU ladies ;) any age

Hey girls up for anything hmu x I'm from England looking for real girls from anywhere :)

Older man looking to chat with girls only, any age or location

Clean chat. I have memes and jokes. Need texting buddies. Animal crossing. Don’t message if you’re going to leave me on R or stop texting after a day

Bi guy, working from home, chat to me guys and girls

Wheres all the weird women at? Funny, cooky, those who can laugh and talk utter nonsense all day everyday. Come and chat to me! You'd have to be a massive spoon not to!

Hey! Let's just chat shall we

Hey hmu anyone

Girls/Older Women Ages 16+Any chat welcomed🐍

Bored and down for any kind of fun i dont mind what just hmu ;)

Friendship with females

Looking for a nice chat.

I'm bored in the house and I'm in the house bored :/

Girls hmu

Just woke up someone talk clean or dirty

any girls wanna chat with an older guy? Just be nice and be real is all I ask. Thanks

Just a very unusual 23 year old from England. I'd like to spread a little positivity in such a bleak time, I live, breath and sleep video games, it's the one thing that gives me purpose. I've got chinchillas, guinea pigs and a greyhound which are equally adorable. I'm a huge introvert and very awkward so I apologize.

Looking to chat withnew female friends s

Anyone up for a chat? Bored, can’t sleep. Hmu

I'm bored anyone wanna chat hmu

Just learned i was led on for a month ... any girl (preferably in NY but doesnt matter) looking to fill the large hole in my heart, thatd be nice feel free to hmu

Hey girls add me up im looking for a GF all girls can and should add me any age is fine being single sucks

Hella bored but finally got a new phone so I can get through the day without charging twice I like anime gaming and reading hmu if ya wanna talk

Up for most conversations, looking to get to know people that are not related or from office. So hmu!

Any girls females to chat with

hmu for some fun! kinda bored and want to get excited. Kik: Zetoow im a young black guy.

I’m the dark guy 😂can’t add anyone website glitches out, hopefully people can see this and add me

In bed cold up for anything with anyone any age

Looking for new people to talk to so hmu

Looking for some friends! Clean chats!

Bored tonight, and looking for people to chat with before I fall asleep. Due to past bad experiences, no Asians or other non-whites, please.

I search a girl who want to have some fun with me ;).

21 years old and single

Just got back from a fishing trip and I'm super bored now haha. Someone come talk!

I am looking for a clean chat's

Hope everyone is having a great night, im just here looking for friends (preferably 18 and older). Im a college student that majors in journalism and play some sports and video games. Had my heart broken the other day, looking for people to talk to and hopefully cheer up. Lets become friends! clean chats (:

Come HMU, normal chat

Hey kinda new to kik was looking for some girls who would wanna have some fun or a kinky story they wanna tell, anything, I’m responding to all hmu

Bored someone hmu

Hey wanna chat or something

I'm a cool person, I do, cool things, hmu I guess. I dunno, man. I'm tired xd

Bored in quarantine. Just set hello..

Bored come chat

Just looking for some friends, stuck in summer school and bored af

Finnish guy looking for anyone to chat with. Come say hi :)

Hmuu, boreeed 😅

Anyone up for chatting or rp

Anyone up for a chat? 28 m UK here :-)

Very bored guy if you prefer older I'm easy come say hi older or younger :)

looking for F, chat or fun

Message me. Anyone welcome

Just looking for some new friends or chat buddies, hmu if youre bored too, just keep it clean

Working from home is boring. Need Someone to talk to. Naughty minds are always welcome.