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Hey looking to chat, some of my interests are art, photography, and video games hmu up RoseandCrimson

Posted: 7 mins ago

Had a rough week. Just looking to talk. Girls only please.

Posted: 13 mins ago

Ladies only please any age

Posted: 25 mins ago

Horny.🀀 Hmu I like younger girls.

Posted: 28 mins ago

Someone talk dirty or send pics

Posted: 29 mins ago

Hmu girls I'm h0rny af (idc about yo age)

Posted: 33 mins ago

Real girls only. Looking for new friends. Anyone welcome young or old.

Posted: 44 mins ago

Talk to anyone

Posted: 46 mins ago

Looking for a girl around my age to talk to, I’m a fit guy from Canada hmu

Posted: 57 mins ago

Straight, Prefer Indian F!

Posted: 58 mins ago

Long term roleplay. Sends roles. Straight

Posted: 1 hour 3 mins ago

Don’t be afraid to message me, just shoot your shot and say what you wanna say. Girls only please, down for whatever

Posted: 1 hour 6 mins ago

Just looking for a chill and open minded girl to chill with

Posted: 1 hour 7 mins ago

Bored & looking to chat so HMU. :)

Posted: 1 hour 20 mins ago

English gentleman just looking for a little chat partner. Age, race and location are less important than having something interesting to say.

Posted: 1 hour 25 mins ago

Boring Easter morning, looking to burn time. Clean chats welcome, hmu

Posted: 1 hour 40 mins ago

6'4 big black dude, slide in my dms before I sleep πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Posted: 1 hour 43 mins ago

Anyone want to chat about anything, hmu

Posted: 1 hour 51 mins ago

M 20 from England, bored and looking for a girl to chat with. Any age or country is fine x

Posted: 1 hour 53 mins ago

Texas, anyone

Posted: 1 hour 53 mins ago

I am straight and single, but I don't care who text me

Posted: 1 hour 57 mins ago

Bored. I wanna talk to anyone . About anything

Posted: 2 hours 4 mins ago
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AGE: 22 - GB Flag Icon
jedugh's KIK Profile Picture

Let me start by saying this is not a plea for attention, this is my true feelings and all I want is for it to go away. Do you ever feel so lonely, you know nobody is going to come help you out of that position so you need to get yourself out, but you're too depressed and have no motivation to? Let alone the anxiety and feeling so empty, so worthless, so alone. I post on here daily and nothing comes from it. I need help, and I'm not afraid to ask for it, I know most people who got this far are most likely a nice person, so I thank you for reading. But if you go one step further to messaging me then I will be so grateful, one person is all it takes to help another.

Posted: 2 hours 18 mins ago

16M, muscular, looking for dirty chats with girls only. I don't care what age you are as long as you're willing to chat dirty

Posted: 2 hours 21 mins ago

*snickers* d-do you know what date it is?? 4/20πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯ Im just kidding if you smoke you're betraying jesus. Praise dont blazeπŸ™πŸ™

Posted: 2 hours 23 mins ago

Slightly older guy looking to chat with someone fun...kik me ladies

Posted: 2 hours 24 mins ago

*thinking* β€œ to get attention...I could make it a plea for help...yeah that’s it”. Ok me...hopefully that came out right lol

Posted: 2 hours 26 mins ago

Girls hmu any age for whatever

Posted: 2 hours 26 mins ago

Into gaming, anime, music and rp. Love meeting new people and making friends so hmu ^-^

Posted: 2 hours 32 mins ago

I'm tryna chat it up! I know it's late tho but still, say hello or tell me a joke

Posted: 2 hours 34 mins ago

Single. Any females that want to chat hmu

Posted: 2 hours 37 mins ago

Anyone Wanna Chat

Posted: 2 hours 38 mins ago

Hey girls hmu for a chat, roleplay, or fun:) girls only!

Posted: 2 hours 52 mins ago

Chat with any age real girls only

Posted: 2 hours 54 mins ago

Any younger girls cool with older guys? Any age is ok. Up for whatever. Usually reply on my Thunderpon3 acc.

Posted: 2 hours 58 mins ago

Saturday night people!

Posted: 3 hours ago

Bored, anyone wanna talk?

Posted: 3 hours 12 mins ago

Heyyy who got a ps4 hmu lets play

Posted: 3 hours 16 mins ago

Girls hmu bored

Posted: 3 hours 31 mins ago

Single Bi guy here to chat, rp or play games: truth or dare, 20 questions. HMU

Posted: 3 hours 31 mins ago

Hey there

Posted: 3 hours 36 mins ago

Having fun

Posted: 3 hours 42 mins ago

Older married male looking for younger women for some naughty chat or possibly meet sometime for fun if you are around central Indiana. Even better if you are inexperienced as well

Posted: 3 hours 48 mins ago

Please I'm looking for real girls who are not older than me to text for a while I'm bored

Posted: 3 hours 59 mins ago

Only girls add me for anything

Posted: 4 hours 23 mins ago

Need any type of female friends. Any race or country is ok.

Posted: 4 hours 29 mins ago

Hey girls add me up im looking for a GF any age is fine all girls can add me being single sucks

Posted: 4 hours 33 mins ago

Any gals up for a chat? Younger is fine too. No dudes or sellers please.

Posted: 4 hours 43 mins ago

Looking for whatever

Posted: 4 hours 44 mins ago

Show me your sarcasm......

Posted: 4 hours 55 mins ago

Bored and also stoned feel free to hmu πŸ˜‹

Posted: 4 hours 56 mins ago

Bored as **** rn I just need some new peeps to talk to happy early Easter btw

Posted: 4 hours 57 mins ago

I can bench 130lb and by that I mean I weigh 130lb and can sit on a bench

Posted: 4 hours 58 mins ago

Will talk to everyone and anyone

Posted: 5 hours 3 mins ago

Hey, looking for some friends, feel free to hmu

Posted: 5 hours 25 mins ago

Any girls wanna talk to older man

Posted: 5 hours 26 mins ago
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AGE: 25 - PT Flag Icon
fxn123's KIK Profile Picture

Searching for anyone who wants to chat

Posted: 5 hours 35 mins ago

Up for anything fun with anyone any age alone home lonely

Posted: 5 hours 45 mins ago
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AGE: 20 - GB Flag Icon
yguy70's KIK Profile Picture

Hit me up here for a good time

Posted: 5 hours 46 mins ago

I’ll reply to everyone

Posted: 5 hours 49 mins ago