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Any lovely ladies fancy a nice clean chat today? If so don't be shy, came and say hi.

Searching for a nice woman to talk to, if clean or dirty it's up to you. I don't bite so don't be shy ;)

Scottish... Cheeky, flirty and sarcastic. Coffee, pizza and motorcycles. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

Girls are welcome to chat =)

If you want to talk to someone. I'm here. Clean and honestly chat and and whatever you want. @MrrRED

Hey, you should message me. I think it'll be fun

Just looking for some chill girls to have some chill chats to. Im up for anything conversation. Take it easy.

Hit me up. I got the next two days off and need to make some friends. Down for whatever :p Straight

Late night chats. Please be 18 or older. I'm single, straight and from Illinois. Also have snapchat if you prefer that.

Hey looking to chat whatever you want clean or dirty

Up for anything fun with anyine any age came from gym bored

Peeps around my age hmu, bored as hell

Evening ladies. Up forchatting with an older UK guy.. Come say hello!

Any females want to chat to an older male. Hmu

Hey hey girls, add my kik for a fun chat:p

Bored asf on weekends. Anyone can hmu as long as they decent

Any girls hmu for friendship

Bring on the bots! Who wants to chat?

Looking to chat, chill and pillow talk hmu

Will chat with any female about anything

Just woke up and having a cup of coffee. Let's coffee chat.

Bored looking to chat anyage f

Clean chat and meme buddies. We can play video games together too :) open to anything. Want friends or maybe a gf. Hit me up and say hi. I have lots of memes and jokes

idk man, someone talk ty

So tired of being lonely all the time :/ anyone else watching the euros?

Bored at work. Looking for a serious relationship not just messing around. Message me if looking for the same thing. Be close to my age please and girls only.

Htmu for a chat bout anything

Hey let’s chat

I'm just bored and horny I guess, ladies hmu

girls add me to groupchats no guys please

Up for anything pm me

Bored in the UK. Anyone around

Hi I’m looking to chat to females in the uk

I’m bored, you’re bored. Might as well cure the boredom with a message or two :) just tell me where you found me

Hey girls, hmu for chats. No guys please, you'll be wasting our time.

Haven't met anyone new in ages

Clean chat

Hey, I seems can't sleep this night, and I would like to talk with someone, but Im lonely and nobody around me.. if anyone here and wanna talk, just PM me We can talk about astrophysics, space travel, movies, memories (summer or winter), TV shows, intimate relationships or anything you wanna talk about Promises I will never bring something depressive or talk about my depression/anxiety No Promises dont expect depth, Im not native english language.

Bored hmu

Any actual females still on this app that are hella talkative ? Don't try to catfish me or else I'll ask for a live video verification so don't get all salty on me then 😂🤡

James 47 Manchester single for single female from the UK for chat and meet up for cinema / eating out / bowling weekend meet up suit me


I just want a regular convo HMU

I am a little bitt bored

Hmu 😁

Any girls wanna chat with an older guy?

Only got 2 days left of work and I really do not want to be doing anything. Luckily I have few lessons so the only takes are clearing my classroom out. Still, would rather be asleep

Can’t sleep… let chat, rp or ask me questions

I’m looking for a girlfriend. Idc about age


Just bored looking for people to hmu so hmu 🙄

Hiya🐇☃️ Any Girls/chat/ages welcomed

Hope you’re all having a good day 😊 I’m an Irish guy up for chats with women from anywhere, any age

Be my best friend?

Confused/curious about my sexuality. Have a girlfriend but I'm more into exploring rn. Hmu? I'm a little awkward jsyk lol

so we back in the mine (and by the mine, I mean Kik). feel free to hmu, as I'm open to talk to anyone about anything