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Looking for a longterm, female, roleplay partner around my age. HMU if interested.

Bored and up for anything hmu ;)

Just looking for some fun chat! Hit me up telling me where you would go if you could go anywhere don’t he universe and why!!!

HMU older women into young I'm 13 irl, into any girls older than 18

Femboy and a furry i watch anime and play games all day really

Back to working till death

Any females want to chat to an oldee man. Hmu

Down for anything pm me girls only

Anyone wanna talk about cars or listen to me go non stop about mine? Hmu!

21/m French. Any girl who wanna play with me ? ;)

If you are a bot, don’t hmu

Enjoying some of the devil's lettuce tonight and don't really have much going on. Anyone care to chat?

I mean if you wanna chill just hmu or whatever. 🤷‍♂️

I hate my body when I get ill, it's like I ate a vegetable just last week! How dare you betray me like this

Bored . Any female like to chat ?

Clean chat and meme buddies. So lonely. Don’t message if you’re going to leave me on R.

Cute guy looking for a new girl to talk to

I’m boreddd hmu

Any girls around that prefer older guys? Any age welcome…….just be genuine!!!

Heyy whats up, just chilling in bed watching tv being bored. Willing to talk to anyone about anything so Hit me up!


Irish , I know no one cares but take my mind off stuff? Lol no sellers

Looking for nice people to chat with

Hi ladies. Anyone up for a nice clean friendly chat? If so come and say hi

No Description Available

Just a tall beardy British guy looking for any real girls up for some fun ;)

Big nerd

Professor is back and tutoring again. Kik for rules

**NOISY WARNING SOUND** [LONG ASS PARAGRAPH AHEAD] Not sure if I have the OMICRON or not, since I did 2 tests (quick and normal ones) and both were NEGATIVE, on the other hand, my friend whom I've been hanging out with, since Friday also did the test but his result was POSITIVE, btw we both have the same symptoms and I'll quarantine myself till tomorrow's 3rd test! Anyway, any girl up for "pick a number" questions game on kik?

No Description Available

Hello everyone. If you're around my age, don't hesitate in sending me a message :)

Any actual females still on this site ? Would be nice from all those annoying catfishes just once, not active on Kik , feel free to add me on Snapchat we can start streaks and I'd love a friend too 👍🏻

Idk why I'm typing this, not like anyone is truly gonna read it. I'm just so sick of ungrateful people who don't have the time of day for you, they have that many people to pick and choose from that they can talk to that you'll never matter because they get to just move onto the next person. trying to find a person to talk to that enjoys your company, likes you and will actually stick around longer than a day is improbable. I just really wish I could find somebody who'll actually give me a chance without being crude and leave me on read, ignore me or just put no effort into a conversation. I'm so fricken lonely, I could really do with someone who doesn't claim they're also lonely one minute and not reply the next. I'm really nice and caring, and I'm beginning to feel like I don't deserve the same back with how people treat me, this isn't s cry for help. This is me typing to myself almost cause nobody else wants to. I lost two of my chinchillas just before Christmas and I'm going through a rough patch, I'm just hoping some nice, caring and genuine can get to know me and actually try build a relationship longer than 2 seconds. If anyone bothered to read this then message me saying poodles. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New year.

Kik me

Heyy, im chris 26 from Liverpool, im kinda shy and want to meet new people.

bi guy willing to talk to anyone

Hmu let chat ask me questions or let’s rp. Or share stories idk everyone and all age welcome

Hey. Just wanna pass time so hmu with whatever is on your mind 😂

Hmu all

About to go shower bored alone home up for anything with anyone


Any Chat/Ages Welcomed☃️❄️

Will chat with women about anything

M from UK, any girls any age from anywhere in the world say hi for chat about anything xx

Bored in work just looking to chat about anything

Just bored. Hmu if u want to chat.

Asl and live pic

looking for some real one's here hmu for anything any age , literally bored getting messages from bots

Just here for friends and someone to talk too hit me up if you want

Hey just looking for someone to talk to

I'm bored any girls or femboys want to have fun hmu any ages welcome clean or dirty

Just bored hmu

Hey, you should come and message me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any woman interested?

Pretty chill nerd, I'll talk to anyone I'm not picky, so just say hi.

Bored asf.