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Any girls wanna role-play idc the age

Posted: 5 mins ago
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AGE: 27 - IN Flag Icon
whogf's KIK Profile Picture

HMU!! Seriously there is no one here who wants to have a clean chat?!! No guyz please.

Posted: 6 mins ago

Im into any types of metal and rock i like marvel and DC i like memes and **** im pretty chill

Posted: 7 mins ago

I absolutely love screwing in public.

Posted: 7 mins ago

Im down for almost anything so hmu

Posted: 8 mins ago

60 mins to kill in work. Bored and by myself. All work and no play makes this guy frustrated

Posted: 30 mins ago

Like rp and speak french too

Posted: 30 mins ago
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AGE: 19 - US Flag Icon
psidak's KIK Profile Picture

Anyone want to talk. or other stuff

Posted: 35 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 35 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 37 mins ago

Girls only please i need new friends my other friends are being ***es smh.

Posted: 38 mins ago

Hmu for fun x girls

Posted: 39 mins ago

Read the name, message me and find out for yourself

Posted: 39 mins ago

I'm single and looking for a gf so girls hmu 👊😘

Posted: 39 mins ago

Slightly older guy looking to chat with someone fun... kik me ladies

Posted: 42 mins ago

Everyone hmu with those cleanchats btw I wont show my self right away I first always wanna get to know the person a lil

Posted: 43 mins ago

Girls hmu

Posted: 49 mins ago

Im From Germany

Posted: 49 mins ago

Bored just wanna chat

Posted: 51 mins ago

I'm a guy who likes to have fun. I have 2 kiks 1.jakethkiller 2.jakethkiller_1 I'm more likely to respond on the second one but either will do (or both)

Posted: 53 mins ago

Bottom Twink looking for hot guys/daddies to trade with.

Posted: 54 mins ago

Talk about anything, just kill time

Posted: 54 mins ago

I'm super bored right now and down for whatever you are so hmu people

Posted: 56 mins ago

Up for anything. bi guy so anyone hmu. dirtier the better baby

Posted: 57 mins ago

Just a bored guy, hit me up if you want to chat about anything

Posted: 57 mins ago

I like metal horror anime manga gaming sleep food and dark things.

Posted: 1 hour ago

Im looking for Girl and Women for everything. Kik me.

Posted: 1 hour ago


Posted: 1 hour ago

Only girls any age want to talk or have fun kik me I like to have fun more then talking

Posted: 1 hour 2 mins ago

Male, 31 in good shape, seeks female fun. Any age. HMU

Posted: 1 hour 6 mins ago

Hmu, we can do what ever you want

Posted: 1 hour 12 mins ago

Kik mee

Posted: 1 hour 14 mins ago

Retired and divorce looking for friends

Posted: 1 hour 14 mins ago

Hello I'm just chilling and wanting to hang out so hmu girls we can talk about whatever

Posted: 1 hour 15 mins ago

Bi hmu

Posted: 1 hour 20 mins ago

Bi hmu I like boys and girls Im alone Hmu

Posted: 1 hour 26 mins ago

Hmu for roleplay

Posted: 1 hour 30 mins ago

Lets have some fun and get to know each other. girls only. no one older than 21

Posted: 1 hour 31 mins ago

Hit me up.... horny

Posted: 1 hour 34 mins ago

Im realer then real hit me up for proof

Posted: 1 hour 37 mins ago

Everyone is welcome. Let's chat

Posted: 1 hour 45 mins ago

Bi and wanting to talk to anyone about anything! Also if you have a Nintendo switch you're automatically cool

Posted: 1 hour 46 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 47 mins ago

Up for anything im bi so anyone can feel free lol.

Posted: 1 hour 47 mins ago

Girls hmu😋💞

Posted: 1 hour 58 mins ago

Super bored add me pls not gay btw

Posted: 1 hour 58 mins ago

Single and looking for a gf 16-17 hmu

Posted: 2 hours ago

Send the funniest photo you can 😋

Posted: 2 hours 3 mins ago

I’m just looking for someone to talk to maybe more if your interesting anyone HMU

Posted: 2 hours 4 mins ago

Hmu to do stupid **** lol

Posted: 2 hours 5 mins ago

I want a gf

Posted: 2 hours 10 mins ago

Girls only. any age. prefer older

Posted: 2 hours 10 mins ago

I wanna talk to a girl who will actually stick around for once. hmu

Posted: 2 hours 10 mins ago

Girls 13-16 (preferably) kik me and let's talk. Idc bout what. My kik is really @konnei

Posted: 2 hours 15 mins ago

Hmu. normal chats please. I like guineapigs and working out.

Posted: 2 hours 15 mins ago

Havent been on kik for a year lmaoooo uhhmmm hmu ig looll

Posted: 2 hours 16 mins ago

Male or female. Down to talk or exchange memes

Posted: 2 hours 16 mins ago

Bored Asf, girls that want to something or maybe just to talk, try mee... im Hispanic

Posted: 2 hours 17 mins ago

Hmu if you wanna rp😛😌I’m super bored and wouldn’t mind some company 😂

Posted: 2 hours 19 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 2 hours 20 mins ago