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any girls like older men or asian girls

Only add me if you're real, will talk to anyone

Another day's gone by and we're still alive! Let's not waste it! Chat up! No bots or sellers though

Meme buddy wanted. Very lonely, clean chat. Animal crossing or anything. Don’t message if you’re going to leave me on R or stop texting after a day

Any girls want to talk? Feel free to message me

Young bi teen here looking for fun during quarantine, hmu!

Hey ! How's everyone doing ? I'm bored, looking for people to talk/play or whatever you can suggest. I'm a fan of V-Games/Anime/Books and I go to Gym from time to time

So what you all doing to keep busy? Tell me an interesting fact? Gc or rp xxx

Hello, I'm Jed. Im a super shy guy from England. I'm very antisocial and suffer bad social anxiety, so I don't do very well with people. Which results in constantly feeling lonely, I'm just hoping to find somebody to fill the void. I want to show that good people still exist, you just have to look to find them. I pretty much play video games all day, and if not that then I like to watch youtube/netflix. I have lots of cute pets that I adore, other than that I love Chinese food with a passion😶

Someone new message. Quarantine is lonely

Real females, any age.

Looking for naughty ladies to chat only naughty ladies so if you are interested kik me on baker93300 only ladies that take live pics like I do

Hmu, bored

bored asf this quarantine sucks hmm no pervs ill block u. I'm bisexual I'm from use. looking for someone to talk to kinda depressed

Female for roleplaying

hiyaa looking to chat in this quarantine? well come to see me lets talk about whatever :)

Bored Korean stuck in the house :(

47m. "Working" from home!

No Description Available

Someone around my age talk. Quarantine driving me crazy 😂

Hugs, cuddles are most welcome. Please be kind and no fakes.

Any girls can talk to me. Any age, race or country is ok.

In desperate need of new people to talk to since isolation is creating new levels of boredom for me, hmu people

Happy Monday! Watyu all doin? Xx

Just got home from work, bored out of my mind... anyone feeling chatty? Everyone welcome HMU :]

Someone message me. Really bored and could do with someone to talk to!

bi cool have fun ya all welcome

I'm just bored. Girl hit me up. Just tell what you want.

Need fun..

Bored and tired, Message me 🤞🏼🖤

M 20 UK bored and looking for a girl to chat with. Any country or age is fine

Older guy here , HMU ladies ;) any age is ok !

Just doing homework today, killing time in the quarantine. Anyone can text me, I'll respond ASAP. I love to give advice or help people out so shoot a message my way (:

This year is biblical xD

Looking for open minded girls, let's have some fun 😜


Nobody to talk to in this quarantine so Hmu

James 46 Manchester single for chat with single female from the UK

Any real genuine girl want an older man to talk to? UK preferred any age welcome

Just looking for fun, I'm bored and alone at work 😣 Any age welcum

Lockdown, my house is my prison. Homeworks and sleeping, I'll be crazy soon. Help me distract myself

Hey, any girl for any chat even RP. ✌️Just hit me up 😉

Older man bored in quarantine, looking for chat with girls only, age and location not important

Looking for some friends to chat with. Hmu with clean chats please, guys and girls.

The inside of my head is like an over enthusiastic puppy. It bumps into things, trips over its feet, will probably shit on your floor at some point

NO clean chat. It's quarantine people.

Black man living in Europe. White girls hit me up if looking for some chocolate now during all Quarantines and lockdowns. Any ages welcome.

Bored. Send me things 😜 I'm into women

Wanna chat?

Looking for nice people to talk too :D

I could do with some help. Really bored. Hope we can chat

Any real girls up for a friendly chat?

uhh yeah feel free to hmu with some bad jokes or smth, quarantine is boring otherwise

Looking for rp, chat and fun in the quarantine lockdown. Anone, any age from anywhere

Hey girls down to chat hmu x

home office.. Need to kill some time (: