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Why is it soo hard to sleep

Posted: just now
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AGE: 19 - US Flag Icon
bfwc1's KIK Profile Picture

Hmu girls

Posted: 1 min ago

Sub looking for a dom 16-30

Posted: 1 min ago

Single. Girls hmu. I m real btw

Posted: 2 mins ago

Anyone Im bored

Posted: 3 mins ago

Into fun

Posted: 6 mins ago

Bored af hmu or add me to groupchats

Posted: 7 mins ago

Im bored someone come play a game with me

Posted: 10 mins ago
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AGE: 17 - US Flag Icon
m.j.2r's KIK Profile Picture

Need someone to talk to... **** my life

Posted: 12 mins ago

My princess is asleep what to dooo

Posted: 13 mins ago

18 year old. Girls only.

Posted: 14 mins ago

If your into talking to older guys kik me dont be shy girls only n idc bout age or race n yes I have tattoos n piercings

Posted: 15 mins ago
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AGE: 17 - US Flag Icon
dmr135's KIK Profile Picture

Guys hit me up send pics or vids gay or straight Idc have stuff to trade

Posted: 15 mins ago

Bored...entertainment needed lol

Posted: 16 mins ago

Yo Im chill and i want to talk to some hot gjrls im single and lookin for a texting buddy or freind thats a girlor a girlfriend im cool so hmu ladies

Posted: 17 mins ago

Hmu if u want to chat clean or dirty call me daddy and i got a bbc just ask to see

Posted: 22 mins ago

M 18 los angeles

Posted: 22 mins ago

Girls kik me

Posted: 23 mins ago

Looking for a gf

Posted: 23 mins ago

Need new friends

Posted: 24 mins ago

Im up for any type of roleplay or maybe trade if ur lucky

Posted: 25 mins ago

25 years old male looking for a younger girl to have fun with. Hit me up xx

Posted: 25 mins ago

Male looking to chat clean or dirty

Posted: 27 mins ago

Hmuuu Bored

Posted: 27 mins ago

Kik me girls. im bored and up for some fun

Posted: 29 mins ago

Need a gf 13-14

Posted: 30 mins ago

Kik me

Posted: 31 mins ago

Any girl wanna chat, any age Indian girls also message me

Posted: 32 mins ago

Australian bored whats up

Posted: 33 mins ago

I m lowkey obsessed with Hamilton and twenty one pilots, I like books, movies, writing, running, etc. tbh I m bored and I ll respond to pretty much anyone about whatever you want.

Posted: 33 mins ago

Im 13. looking for friends or a girlfriend. I dont judge anyone. anybody hmu. If someone has Call Of Duty Infinite warfare on Ps4 hmu.

Posted: 35 mins ago

Looking for real girls

Posted: 38 mins ago

Message me girls only

Posted: 39 mins ago


Posted: 39 mins ago

Roleplay or trade

Posted: 40 mins ago

Girls any age and any look kik me up for any one i am.a nice and caring guy who likes to hear ur problems or just have a nice talk

Posted: 42 mins ago

Im a fun single and chilled dude i have no limits to those with a dark sence of humor i live chating maybe we can be something more than friends message me im fun. chill. and nice i will never be mean

Posted: 43 mins ago

Friendly person kik breakaway03

Posted: 47 mins ago

I am a single and straight black male. I am looking for a relationship and I am 24.

Posted: 48 mins ago

Need a gf girls only

Posted: 49 mins ago

Asian girls hmu, Im a fit guy from Canada

Posted: 51 mins ago

Need girls to talk to 13-17 alittle dirty

Posted: 51 mins ago
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AGE: 42 - NL Flag Icon
xxebrx's KIK Profile Picture

App me I am always in for some fun

Posted: 51 mins ago

Trying to find some new people to talk to im pretty much up for anything. Hey Dirty . Hi Clean

Posted: 52 mins ago

Swedish or English language.

Posted: 53 mins ago

I just want to talk to some cute girls only girls

Posted: 56 mins ago

Bored asf, up for whatever. Hmu

Posted: 57 mins ago

Clean or Dirty.. Idc. Girls only pls

Posted: 57 mins ago

29yo male looking for a young lady under 30 to chat about anything you want. if you live closer to NH US that be a plus but all is welcome.

Posted: 57 mins ago

Hmu need company to help me *** who up for some fun

Posted: 57 mins ago

HIIIII Im friendly and a chill person. I love music mainly sports funny but in a dirty way IG XD...well hi tho text me

Posted: 59 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour ago

Older guy looking for younger girls for fun flirty chats or longer term rp. will reply to any age

Posted: 1 hour ago

Chilling at work hmu girls

Posted: 1 hour 2 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 1 hour 3 mins ago

I m 17 years old I m single hmu

Posted: 1 hour 3 mins ago

Just looking for a girl to talk to. yes i know i look older than 19 sorry if u arent ok with that but blame urself

Posted: 1 hour 7 mins ago

Love sports. hmu

Posted: 1 hour 8 mins ago

****o bonjour hola. wanna talk. bored af cant sleep. wanna die. the usual.

Posted: 1 hour 13 mins ago

Hmu if u wanna chat Ask me anything idc

Posted: 1 hour 15 mins ago