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Damn im sooo bored Hmu only girls in my age 13-17yo

Posted: 4 mins ago

Looking for a good relationship...kindly hmu...ladies only

Posted: 11 mins ago

I prefer to talk to women older than myself 25 or up but I will chat with anyone haha

Posted: 14 mins ago

Any female for fun?

Posted: 15 mins ago

Kik me

Posted: 20 mins ago

Need someone to talk to

Posted: 21 mins ago

6 foot 4 big black dude with a chastity cage

Posted: 24 mins ago

Cant sleep.... if anyone wants to chat hmu everyone is welcomw

Posted: 29 mins ago

Pretty Bored Today. Open To Chat To Anyone To P*** The Time.

Posted: 37 mins ago

Looking for a fun open minded girl

Posted: 40 mins ago

Bored Chillin Anyone Awake Down To Chat

Posted: 43 mins ago

Hey girls kik me

Posted: 48 mins ago

Hmu bored lol.anyone from cali

Posted: 49 mins ago

Clean or dirty chats, just be talkative. Prefer girls 18 and older but everyone is welcome to chat. Also its my birthday so that's pretty neat

Posted: 51 mins ago

What's happening?

Posted: 52 mins ago


Posted: 53 mins ago

47m. I might be old but I can still use a phone

Posted: 55 mins ago

Hey hmu if youbwant to have a good time

Posted: 1 hour 3 mins ago

Bored. Girls Only. Down For Anything.

Posted: 1 hour 4 mins ago

Yo, I'm a desperate teen. Send me feet pics. Why won't I just look up feet pics, you may ask? It's the thrill of the hunt, fam. Come up and get me.

Posted: 1 hour 5 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 5 mins ago

Bored... hmu pls

Posted: 1 hour 6 mins ago

Cant sleep. any chill peeps want to kill some time. clean chat and girls only pls and thanks

Posted: 1 hour 8 mins ago

Looking for girls with small tits

Posted: 1 hour 10 mins ago

Who wants to help me get out of this boredom.....

Posted: 1 hour 14 mins ago

Looking for chat...females only...any age is ok

Posted: 1 hour 16 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 21 mins ago

Any girls want to talk or anything

Posted: 1 hour 23 mins ago

Ask me anything

Posted: 1 hour 24 mins ago

Hi for clean chat hey for dirty chat no guys

Posted: 1 hour 24 mins ago

Hello, Thanks for reading my post first of all :) I'm looking for friends to converse with. I'm a night owl, horror fanatic, programmer, gym rat, and dog lover. If you are interested in being my friend add me :D

Posted: 1 hour 26 mins ago

Single girls kik me

Posted: 1 hour 26 mins ago

Literally looking for a clean convo with any girl

Posted: 1 hour 31 mins ago

I'm here to start that ****ty LDR that hurts both of us. Thanks you're welcome.

Posted: 1 hour 34 mins ago

Looking for some girls to chat with hmu

Posted: 1 hour 35 mins ago

Really nice guy here. I enjoy helping others and just chatting. Im an introvert which means I like long deep convos lol. Im great at consoling ppl as well. hmu

Posted: 1 hour 36 mins ago

Hit me up love to rp

Posted: 1 hour 36 mins ago

Hmu and tell me about your slice of life

Posted: 1 hour 41 mins ago

Looking for some fun. bored atm

Posted: 1 hour 43 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 46 mins ago

Single dad for kik legal females of any nationality...moms are welcome and encouraged...message me for voice chats or texts...thanks!

Posted: 1 hour 53 mins ago

Chat. joke around. maybe some other stuff. open minded and non judgemental. please dont try and s3ll me stuff. not interested. looking for longer term friends honestly. no men. real ppl

Posted: 1 hour 56 mins ago

Searching new friends

Posted: 1 hour 57 mins ago

Looking for nice young girl near houston katy area.Also have ps plus

Posted: 2 hours 1 min ago

Board hit me up

Posted: 2 hours 1 min ago

I cook bake clean i play the guitar and drums and sing im nice sweet careing kind and chill dont be shy to kik me my name is jacob kik me woman only

Posted: 2 hours 3 mins ago


Posted: 2 hours 3 mins ago

Hmu if youre up for some fun. girls only

Posted: 2 hours 4 mins ago

Can't sleep. Keep me company ;)

Posted: 2 hours 8 mins ago

Hey there. 6 foot 3 small town Nevada born here looking for entertaining company and maybe some new friends. I am NOT interested in buying or trading.

Posted: 2 hours 11 mins ago

Just bored. Any open minded girls? I have a question

Posted: 2 hours 12 mins ago

Hmu girls any age

Posted: 2 hours 17 mins ago

Does someone want to keep me company for a bit

Posted: 2 hours 23 mins ago

Tired boy hourss someone keep me awakee

Posted: 2 hours 24 mins ago

Roleplay. Hmu, older women welcome.

Posted: 2 hours 24 mins ago

Hey. Just a bored guy from England. Hmu

Posted: 2 hours 24 mins ago

Ladies only please any age

Posted: 2 hours 29 mins ago

M.... Im bored as hell. Keep me company if yo can

Posted: 2 hours 30 mins ago

Serious fun here. fun

Posted: 2 hours 31 mins ago


Posted: 2 hours 37 mins ago