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****a bored just wanna have a convo i like anime gaming and a lil reading if u wanna know any more about me just ask ig

Posted: 4 mins ago

Hey, anyone want to chat?!

Posted: 10 mins ago

Hey there. Im a 35 year old male from the USA. Are there any girls out there that feel like chatting for a while. Age isnt much of an issue. My snap is the same. Girls only please.

Posted: 10 mins ago


Posted: 33 mins ago

A Little Frenchie Lost On This App. Come Chat But Stay Clean

Posted: 38 mins ago

Girls hmu anyone

Posted: 43 mins ago

Want a SWEET AND SINGLE GIRL to CLEAN chat with daily. BONUS POINTS if you are WEIRD or if you are from Europe

Posted: 43 mins ago

Bored at work. Still need 2 hours to. Survive haha entertain me please.

Posted: 49 mins ago

Clean chat. I have memes and jokes. Kinda lonely and need texting buddies. Don’t message if you’re gonna leave me on R

Posted: 50 mins ago

Slightly older guy looking to chat...kik me ladies

Posted: 50 mins ago

Waffles or Pancakes!!!!!

Posted: 1 hour 7 mins ago

From germany

Posted: 1 hour 10 mins ago

Hmu, wanna meet new faces

Posted: 1 hour 22 mins ago

Hey there, kik me. Females only, Into Asian and black, but anyone is welcome. Any age. Clean chat only please

Posted: 1 hour 24 mins ago

Anyone alive in here

Posted: 1 hour 26 mins ago

Hey girls I talk to all

Posted: 1 hour 29 mins ago

I probably wont message you first... But will always reply to interesting messages and am really friendly if you are not a black circle or a robot lol xxx

Posted: 1 hour 42 mins ago

Bored just hmu for guys im straight.

Posted: 1 hour 54 mins ago

Bored hmu pls any age love thick bbw girls

Posted: 2 hours 11 mins ago

Any teen girls wanna talk to older man

Posted: 2 hours 11 mins ago

Bored and tired lmao

Posted: 2 hours 18 mins ago

You Lame hmu

Posted: 2 hours 33 mins ago

Looking for some gamer friends. Message me for my tags. Or message me just to talk. Im always down to talk

Posted: 2 hours 38 mins ago

Looking for chats and see what happens. Anyone welcome 😊😊

Posted: 2 hours 38 mins ago

New friends hmu

Posted: 2 hours 38 mins ago

Hi there any girls here like a older guy ?

Posted: 2 hours 43 mins ago

Looking to talk to a girl. Ask to join my anime kik group.

Posted: 2 hours 50 mins ago

Hey im new on here

Posted: 2 hours 59 mins ago

Looking for someone to travel with me around the world

Posted: 3 hours 10 mins ago

Hi for clean chat hey for dirty chat no guys

Posted: 3 hours 15 mins ago

I search fun with womens and girls

Posted: 3 hours 44 mins ago

Looking for female only to chat with. Under 30. Close to New Hampshire is a plus but anywhere else is welcome as well. I like foreign girls and gamer girls as well. feel free to message me. Thank U.

Posted: 3 hours 44 mins ago

Hmu friends and fun ..not looking for a long term relationship

Posted: 3 hours 57 mins ago

Hmu bored and wantin chats

Posted: 4 hours ago

Im bored and off for the rest of the week. Someone hit me up please id love the company

Posted: 4 hours 6 mins ago

Any girl up for role play?

Posted: 4 hours 6 mins ago

Looking for some nice people to talk, Hopefully can make some friends as well Clean chats I also have a snapchat if you prefer

Posted: 4 hours 6 mins ago

Just looking for naughty girls :P

Posted: 4 hours 18 mins ago

Good morning ladies. Any girls/ladies fancy a nice friendly chat today? If so dont be shy and come and say hi

Posted: 4 hours 22 mins ago

Looking for nice young girl near houston katy area.Also have ps plus

Posted: 4 hours 34 mins ago

Just an old chubby and awkward guy hopin to find someone to talk go lots and get to know them. Anyones welcome to msg

Posted: 4 hours 43 mins ago

Message me with a question ill reply to everyone

Posted: 4 hours 52 mins ago

HMU for chats everyone

Posted: 4 hours 56 mins ago
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bwp104's KIK Profile Picture

Hey pretty bored. Flick me a message and I’ll send back a compliment. If you don’t want to talk after it’s ok. Just spreading some love round the world cause everyone matters

Posted: 5 hours 4 mins ago

Not bothering with any other info just hmu lets see if ur chill af if not then just welcome to my block list no fakes please.

Posted: 5 hours 12 mins ago

Looking for friends (girls only) prove you are real, be honest, lovely, caring and be able to talk a lot :) no rude and dry talks and if we like each other enough we may start video calling and be my gf :)

Posted: 5 hours 12 mins ago

Girls only for fun chats be naughty but nice lol pm me

Posted: 5 hours 17 mins ago

Bored im in bed message me

Posted: 5 hours 46 mins ago

Looking for a fun girl!

Posted: 5 hours 57 mins ago

Love chatting with naughty females married or single anything goes the naughtier the better.

Posted: 6 hours 12 mins ago

Up for anything fun with anyone any age alone getting ready help pick plzzz

Posted: 6 hours 16 mins ago

Bored looking to make new friends maybe more down to talk about anything also into roleplaying females only

Posted: 6 hours 25 mins ago

HMU only girls in my age im soo bored

Posted: 6 hours 28 mins ago

Up for an RP or cononversation

Posted: 6 hours 30 mins ago

Hey hmu im bored and up for anything

Posted: 6 hours 44 mins ago

Just up. Uk older guy. Uo for chats with females. Will reply to all.

Posted: 6 hours 48 mins ago

Join my GTA 5 / gaming group it's new so nobody's in it but we are always open for new people it's Xbox one exclusive !! Lotta fun

Posted: 6 hours 53 mins ago

Deutsche hier

Posted: 6 hours 54 mins ago


Posted: 6 hours 55 mins ago

Love to travel and Looking to chat. Snapchat me at smit9999 but i am more active on kik. Rp and add to groups xx

Posted: 7 hours 6 mins ago