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musician ❤ hmu

M 20 UK looking for a girl to chat with. Any age or country is fine. Talk to me about anything x

Hey looking for girls around my age or older to have some fun with within the next hour, if you text me after that the I might be a while answering sorry

Hmu, open to talk about anything, clean or dirty.


Any younger girls want to chat with an older man.

Anyone feel free to hmu, can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

Tall blue eyed beardy man Chatting & fun Females any age come and say hi 😊

Girls dm me for a nice guy im up for anything

Looking for a girl to talk to :) let’s have a nice conversation so hmu

No Description Available

ill keep this short. im in college and a journalism major. i play soccer and volleyball. Im honestly here just to make friends and talk so if your interested feel free to drop me a message ill reply to everyone :)

looking for chats since i feel lonely, girls only please

Looking for friends

I have a kind of weird problem and was hoping to get a girl's opinion.

older guy here looking for a sweet young girl, hmu ; ) any age is ok

Looking for open minded girls

Just need somebody to talk to.....

Just looking for new people to talk to! Clean only

6’4 Redhead, just finished working on my project car. Needing to take my mind of things. Hmu. Preferred aussies

Any girl interested ?

All i want is a FEMALE who's single,chatty,not shy to video call and can chat everyday if possiblewho isn't a racist, scammer,selleror someone with a fake picture and prefers a long term communication ffs is it that hard to understand my post and still message me as a fake or someone who'll leave me on read 😑😐

Kik me

Kik me I’m so bored x

Hey. Looking to make new friends around my kinda age, give or take a couple years. Preferably girls (no offence guys, I just naturally get along with girls better). No weird stuff either, just talking. Kinda have a goofy dry sense of humour. I’m also told I’m pretty down to earth and chill. Into pretty much anything artsy or creative, particularly Literature and Music. I’m an old soul too, typically into older culture and entertainment, so if you find yourself feeling like an out of touch outcast around people your age, we’ll probably relate. Hmu, send me a cat emoji so I know you’re from here. See ya around, don’t be shy. (No younger than 18 pls. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that)

any teen girls around

I'm bored af and just looking for someone to talk too any age females hmu I wanna have a deep conversation about anything

Real man waiting real girls.. just kik me



Anyone message me, ask me anything? I'm 23 from Essex, UK.

Hey girls Kik me for anything you like...We can play a game or something, I'm home alone ;)

Hello any girls, any age prefer chatting with a mature guy here ?

Any girls up for some Fun? Hmu looking for younger than me 😘

Sleep broke early, just finished working out. Text me for chat ladies

I've come here for a good time. Hopefully someone would like to be my friend.

Drowning in fire ..... Burning in water ..... Where's my wifey at ?!

Just looking for a chat or something I don’t mind anyone welcome any age as well olders cool just bored as

Anyone else working there ass off tonight 🤦‍♂️💁‍♂️

Any real girls online? Just woke up, fancy some fun?

Looking for my rwby cosplayer that'll do any girls from rwby and has the cosplay

Anyone can hmu, prefer to talk to girls tho and if you want to see my face just ask

Hmu chilling

Older women seem to be really attracted to me (a hot 20 year old from England) for some reason? Girls any age message me

chat with any age real girls only

So bored let's chat

I'm just bored looking for a girl to talk or rp to, feel free to pass by <3

Whos alive

How is everyone's Friday going so far? Mine is pretty dull so feel free to HMU & tell me about your weekend plans or whatever you feel like talking about. :)

Just looking for some chat really.. anyone feel free to hmu 🙂

Slightly older guy looking to chat with someone fun...kik me ladies

Ladies only please any age

obese virgin, hate myself. lol. one ball strong 🤣😉... just a goofy shy guy... temet nosce.. 💔... veritas. fish is named; Justice.... (name that movie)...

Hiya Any girls/Older women welcomed any chat/ages🍁🐇

Looking to have some fun with some girls

Any geeky girls wanna chat? No ome under 18