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Need new friends girls prefered

Posted: 1 min ago

Like rp and speak french too

Posted: 7 mins ago

Bi hmu I like boys and girls Im alone Hmu

Posted: 9 mins ago

Looking to chat with guys my age or younger. Bored hmu...

Posted: 9 mins ago

Tapp in w a real one baby leave them suckas alone

Posted: 10 mins ago

I’m looking for a real woman... anyone wanna hmu?

Posted: 11 mins ago

I'll share my dreams and wishes if you share too?? I'm a cool person once you get to meet me but most people don't take the time to

Posted: 12 mins ago

Looking to make some friends so message. Also looking to roleplay or play 21 questions so yeah hmu lol

Posted: 14 mins ago

Bi and wanting to talk to anyone about anything

Posted: 16 mins ago

62 yo white man in Sweden looking for girls and women. Any age or color. I dont rp or do any favours. Dont be shy.

Posted: 21 mins ago

Anyones cool, (catfishes don’t bother, I know how you guys operate). I’m Italian and I’m musically involved if that interests you

Posted: 24 mins ago

Hey Im super bored hmu we can talk

Posted: 24 mins ago

Add me girls im looking for a GF all girls can add me being single sucks

Posted: 24 mins ago

I want a gf

Posted: 25 mins ago


Posted: 27 mins ago


Posted: 27 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 28 mins ago

Vid chat anyone?

Posted: 29 mins ago

I have kind of a weird problem and I need a girls opinion...

Posted: 29 mins ago

Im a gay guy in need of a Daddy or a guy to talk with

Posted: 30 mins ago

I like to meet people of any age or gender. Let the games begin. Or whatever.

Posted: 34 mins ago

Hmu. bored

Posted: 35 mins ago

Cuddle rp

Posted: 37 mins ago

Hey, i'm just looking for new friends ✌

Posted: 43 mins ago

Single and looking for a gf 16-17 hmu prove that youre real unless I wont answer

Posted: 44 mins ago

I’m just looking for some nice girls to talk to clean or dirty any age

Posted: 44 mins ago

Aye anyone feel free to drop me a message, dont be shy i reply to everyone im latino, play soccer and volleyball if that helps:)

Posted: 49 mins ago

Hey Im Elijah Im 13 and Im from iowa btw hmu for anything if ur gonna be looking for nudes take it slow tho plz

Posted: 51 mins ago

Only girls

Posted: 51 mins ago

Really bored hmu

Posted: 53 mins ago

Lf a girlfriend looking for something serious please be cute and funny

Posted: 53 mins ago

Hey girls, message me if you wanna have some fun ;)

Posted: 55 mins ago

Need a younger girl to be my toy. are you obedient and feeling naughty

Posted: 58 mins ago

I'm bored so message me we can talk about anything clean or dirty idm any age it doesn't matter

Posted: 58 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 1 hour 1 min ago
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AGE: 19 - US Flag Icon
psidak's KIK Profile Picture

Looking for some fun

Posted: 1 hour 6 mins ago

Just bored so hit me up if you want to chat about anything

Posted: 1 hour 7 mins ago

Girls text me bored want to chat or have fun and looking for a girlfriend

Posted: 1 hour 8 mins ago

You should hml especially anyone in Florida

Posted: 1 hour 9 mins ago

13-15 year old girls HMU

Posted: 1 hour 10 mins ago

Older women message me and maybe we can be great friends or get closer.. be original and say more than hi

Posted: 1 hour 13 mins ago
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AGE: 19 - CA Flag Icon
tj420x's KIK Profile Picture

Hmu to chat

Posted: 1 hour 15 mins ago

Chatting or more. longer term.

Posted: 1 hour 18 mins ago

Chat with any age real girls only. same username for sc

Posted: 1 hour 18 mins ago

Hmu if your down for some fun im bored as hell;)

Posted: 1 hour 24 mins ago

Hey I’m looking for a clean or dirty chat I’m down with anything so hmu😉😉😏😏

Posted: 1 hour 26 mins ago

Vibe with me👽🌯

Posted: 1 hour 30 mins ago

Girls 15 and up

Posted: 1 hour 30 mins ago

Anyone rly. Any age, any where. Just don't be a catfish😂 with a good sense of humor, we'll get along swimmingly. Let's see what my luck is tonight

Posted: 1 hour 31 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 32 mins ago

Really bored and down for absolutely anything fun i dont mind what hmu ;)

Posted: 1 hour 32 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 32 mins ago

Any age, gender, race and country is free to message me for a normal talk.

Posted: 1 hour 32 mins ago

Latinas & black girls Hmu 😍🤤

Posted: 1 hour 36 mins ago

Girls only hmu

Posted: 1 hour 41 mins ago

CLEAN CHAT...just want a nice TALKATIVE girl to chat with... that is all haha...I reply everyone...BONUS POINTS if you speak German or if you like video games

Posted: 1 hour 42 mins ago

Who up n wanna chat... girls only

Posted: 1 hour 42 mins ago

Hmu girls 14 to 16 only looking for gf

Posted: 1 hour 43 mins ago

I love spending time outdoors and am always looking for adventure. I'm mostly looking for someone to talk with :)

Posted: 1 hour 45 mins ago

58m. Looking to chat

Posted: 1 hour 48 mins ago