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Bired outta my mind hmu ladies

Posted: 1 min ago

Chilling hbu alone wants friends single

Posted: 3 mins ago

Just a plain old chubby guy wanting to meet someone to chat to lots. Anyone any age welcome

Posted: 7 mins ago

V v villain

Posted: 9 mins ago

Looking for femboys

Posted: 9 mins ago

Single and bored. I love older women

Posted: 11 mins ago

Girls hmu for anything ;)

Posted: 11 mins ago

Someone keep me company lol im just looking for someone to talk to nothing serious

Posted: 12 mins ago

Hi my name is Landon. I love a girl with a great personality. Im attracted towds girls thag have long black/brown hair, gl***es, and that are somewhat skinny.

Posted: 22 mins ago

Great personality. please be able to keep up with a conversation and not just leave it to me. memes dealer on the side and your mamas best friend.

Posted: 24 mins ago

Kik me females

Posted: 24 mins ago

Dont feel like doing any homework. chill peeps come procrastinate with me. girls only please

Posted: 28 mins ago

Girls only up for anything

Posted: 31 mins ago

Enjoy meeting new people and and making new friends. Also enjoy gaming on ps4 and playing guitar. Hmu to chat, rp, or anything in between

Posted: 32 mins ago
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AGE: 20 - US Flag Icon
dkh131's KIK Profile Picture

Females only looking for someone to talk to get to know I need a good girl in my life

Posted: 33 mins ago

Laying around bored hmu girls only.

Posted: 35 mins ago
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AGE: 16 - US Flag Icon
cephre's KIK Profile Picture

Just got home from soccer and don't have anyone to spend the evening with, looking for someone to chill with and keep me company.

Posted: 37 mins ago

I have kind of a weird problem and I need a girls opinion...

Posted: 40 mins ago

Honestly just depressed. Don't be a perv please.

Posted: 43 mins ago

No prevent

Posted: 43 mins ago

19 from UK, bored af anyone feel free to hmu

Posted: 43 mins ago

Just looking for someone fun and interesting to chat with. Former army, biker with a beard, but don't let the beard scare you, I'm really a nice guy...

Posted: 51 mins ago

Bored and home alone wifes at work and kids are at the mother in-laws so hit me up lets chat

Posted: 52 mins ago

Aye hmu girls only

Posted: 53 mins ago

Scoopity woop, woopity scoop

Posted: 54 mins ago
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AGE: 18 - NL Flag Icon's KIK Profile Picture

HMU for a chill convo of idk.. I dont bite...preferably female. but if ur a chill dude thats cool too

Posted: 55 mins ago

Anyone can text me

Posted: 56 mins ago

Hey there ! I'm looking for a nice chat with a girl, we can skype too if you are interested !

Posted: 56 mins ago

Female any age for Roleplay

Posted: 57 mins ago

Rp or question game girls only

Posted: 57 mins ago

Chill talk about music or whatever just want to kill boredom you know no weird stuff

Posted: 58 mins ago

Hey girls add me up any age is fine but i like teens more

Posted: 1 hour 5 mins ago

Bored asf hmu

Posted: 1 hour 5 mins ago

I'm really lonely, looking for a nice and caring girl who's a goofy nerd. Preferably around my age. Hmu

Posted: 1 hour 5 mins ago

What I'm exactly looking for is a tiny bit hard to put into words, but heres to trying! (Pre sorry if this gets long lol) I'm basically looking for someone to chat with, someone to get excited about when my phone buzzes, someone to stave off the well, loneliness. Someone who isnt scared of some mild flirting (I'm a hopeless romantic, if I enjoy you I kinda cant help it haha) somebody that isnt scared of friendship becoming more if the feelings are there mutually (over time not asap, guess I should clarify haha) just someone all around to talk with and wade through the odd journey that is known as life. Any age group is fine I dont quite have any preferences so if this sounds good, hit me up! Small quick facts about me, My names Vince, I'm 23, ex navy, biggest p***ion is cooking, I'm a certified m***euse, currently working security, and I love reading/gaming/sleeping/watching far far too much tv. Anywho. Hit me up!

Posted: 1 hour 8 mins ago

Girls only hmu

Posted: 1 hour 9 mins ago

Cute younger girls hmu

Posted: 1 hour 11 mins ago

Hmu if youre cute. quirky. or generally always hungry.

Posted: 1 hour 11 mins ago

Looking for new friends. Kindly hit me up....ladies only

Posted: 1 hour 11 mins ago

Id like to meet a girl i could flirt with and be a little clingy. HMU with your asl. Sorry ive got no money...

Posted: 1 hour 11 mins ago

I want to make friends i love having friends Im not a ***ual person so if u got anything ***ual to say please keep it to yourself Im very respectful so yes message me

Posted: 1 hour 13 mins ago

We are sitting on the couch watching a movie and I put my arm around you. anyone continue the scene.

Posted: 1 hour 16 mins ago

Hey, i would love to chat with people about sports, science, movies, politics... you name it šŸ˜Š

Posted: 1 hour 17 mins ago

Bored af

Posted: 1 hour 19 mins ago

Girls message me. Its boring and lonely here

Posted: 1 hour 21 mins ago

Roleplay girls

Posted: 1 hour 22 mins ago

No man's sky and chill! Ps4... Chat about whatever tho! šŸ˜

Posted: 1 hour 26 mins ago

Looking for anything XD bored out of my mind so any convo is fine with me. Prefer girls 18 plus and clean chat or not or rates or we can talk about games you pick

Posted: 1 hour 26 mins ago

Hmu.... anyone wanna chat we can talk about anything you want... Im just really looking for someone to talk to so HMU lol

Posted: 1 hour 27 mins ago

If you need someone to talk to about anything that is troubling you.I am always willing to listen to you and give you the encouragement you need. Dont be afraid to message me if you need encouragement

Posted: 1 hour 27 mins ago

Older guy here, hmu ladies ;)

Posted: 1 hour 29 mins ago

Bored - Only Girls

Posted: 1 hour 32 mins ago

Im just curious idk what im looking for no girls plz

Posted: 1 hour 35 mins ago

Looking for a girl to play truth or dare with im really bored atm so hmu with age and a live picture 13-16

Posted: 1 hour 38 mins ago

Add me girls I'm Scottish and bored looking for a female text buddy or rp buddy hmu

Posted: 1 hour 38 mins ago

Hmu ;)

Posted: 1 hour 39 mins ago

Down for anything

Posted: 1 hour 40 mins ago

Females come chat

Posted: 1 hour 40 mins ago

Anyone clean chat please Iā€™m kinda lonely and sad. We can talk about anything. I just need some friends. I have memes and jokes

Posted: 1 hour 41 mins ago

Hmu girls only

Posted: 2 hours ago