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Someone hmu. 15 and bored

Posted: 3 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 3 mins ago

31 m uk for fun with women

Posted: 4 mins ago

Rough rp girls only

Posted: 6 mins ago

Anyone wanna chat.Im looking for a girlfriend age 13 to 14 or a really good really good at role playing I love it dont be scared to ask i like video games I love music and keep it PG13PLEASE

Posted: 7 mins ago

I am Gay. Any Pakistani Gays around.

Posted: 10 mins ago

Hey Im Scott 16 year old from the UK... I love Smash Bros. and the NFL so thats a good place to start

Posted: 11 mins ago


Posted: 16 mins ago

Fill in the blank big feet big...... guys says red 13-16

Posted: 16 mins ago

Good day everyone...

Posted: 16 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 27 mins ago

I have black hairy C,O,C,K kik me anoopex

Posted: 27 mins ago

im bored.....girls only .... lets hav fun u knw wat I mean ...wink wink... anything...Im real btw

Posted: 29 mins ago

Anyone real out there

Posted: 30 mins ago

Kinda old its all good though its the weekend come say hi

Posted: 31 mins ago

Girls only Please

Posted: 33 mins ago

If u Like older guys...

Posted: 35 mins ago


Posted: 38 mins ago

Single girls kik me with a full body pic

Posted: 40 mins ago

Bored...entertainment needed lol

Posted: 50 mins ago

Anyone from Liverpool

Posted: 53 mins ago

Normal chats. Australian and married.

Posted: 53 mins ago

Worthless. useless. not worth living. sums me up pretty good

Posted: 55 mins ago

Hi .. Anyone like to chat etc guys thank you

Posted: 57 mins ago

Any real girls

Posted: 1 hour 1 min ago

Heyyyy. You should chat with me.

Posted: 1 hour 6 mins ago

Where are the real

Posted: 1 hour 7 mins ago

Do you want me to be your daddy or your slave I have a nice body, hmu

Posted: 1 hour 7 mins ago

Text me girls. just girls

Posted: 1 hour 8 mins ago

White or Latina girls interested in mixed guy single

Posted: 1 hour 8 mins ago
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AGE: 40 - GB Flag Icon
sjg007's KIK Profile Picture

Naughty girls kik me

Posted: 1 hour 9 mins ago

Real girls only. Looking for new friends. Anyone welcome young or old.

Posted: 1 hour 11 mins ago

I need a girl who will go on hikes with me

Posted: 1 hour 17 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 19 mins ago

G hmu I m bored and doing nothing

Posted: 1 hour 20 mins ago

Im bored

Posted: 1 hour 21 mins ago

If any girls wanna talk hit me up

Posted: 1 hour 21 mins ago

Chat an anything you d like really

Posted: 1 hour 24 mins ago

Hi bi any boys or girls im a male and wear panties too and add me on Snapchat Antrax979

Posted: 1 hour 25 mins ago

Bored and cant sleep hmu

Posted: 1 hour 25 mins ago

Tell the world im coming Home

Posted: 1 hour 25 mins ago

Good talks

Posted: 1 hour 28 mins ago

I bet i can make you laugh lol

Posted: 1 hour 30 mins ago

Looking for a Horny girl

Posted: 1 hour 31 mins ago

Bored nd lonely hmu

Posted: 1 hour 34 mins ago

Anyone can hmu. If I don t awnser I m probably asleep

Posted: 1 hour 35 mins ago

I am 27 y o gentle single live alone have no kids hmu

Posted: 1 hour 35 mins ago

Any age. Clean chat hit me up. I love poems and movies

Posted: 1 hour 40 mins ago

Hey hmu any age i dont minde

Posted: 1 hour 41 mins ago

Aha anything new

Posted: 1 hour 44 mins ago

Girls call me ****** any age call me

Posted: 1 hour 47 mins ago

Ask me anything dirty or kinky. Ill answer any question. Prefer girls

Posted: 1 hour 48 mins ago

Hey girls, if you are horny hmu right now to see my meaty prick.

Posted: 1 hour 49 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 55 mins ago

Cant sleep... if anyone wants to chat hmu everyone is welcome

Posted: 1 hour 56 mins ago

Im staright Male Into girls only

Posted: 1 hour 56 mins ago
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AGE: 21 - US Flag Icon
oicsbh's KIK Profile Picture

Girls rate me

Posted: 1 hour 57 mins ago

Looking for a slave ... Sike nah hmu

Posted: 1 hour 59 mins ago

Truth.... Or Dare....

Posted: 1 hour 59 mins ago

Someone hmu

Posted: 2 hours ago