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Girl best friend wanted

Posted: 1 min ago

Just bored and a bit lonely. come say ****o if you like guys in their 30s. I love music and reading.

Posted: 3 mins ago

Girls only

Posted: 5 mins ago

Hey there. Small town Nevada born here looking for entertaining company while Im watching the desert race.

Posted: 6 mins ago

Leave your fake BS at the door. looking for REAL fun chat. 18 and over only. be REAL or GTFO

Posted: 7 mins ago

Im just here for some dank memes

Posted: 8 mins ago

I love my music and my car over all else I just want some one to sit down and listen to vinyl all night with

Posted: 9 mins ago

Looking for a new babygirl. I drive if your serious. hmu with a face pic. or Snapchat shorty853. if you arent going to text for more then 2 seconds just dont bother

Posted: 11 mins ago

16 m from england . looking for a girl to talk to or for roleplay

Posted: 20 mins ago

Aye HMU looking for new people to talk to

Posted: 21 mins ago

Looking for a female bestfriend

Posted: 25 mins ago

Im looking for girls. Mostly younger than I am. So hit me up.

Posted: 29 mins ago

Bored to much free time hmu

Posted: 30 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 32 mins ago
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AGE: 17 - US Flag Icon
dvla.n's KIK Profile Picture

Lookin for new people to talk to. hmu.

Posted: 34 mins ago

Any girl clean chat please. I m so lonely and bored. We could play video games together or talk about literally anything. I want a friend. Please message, no shallow or fake people please.

Posted: 38 mins ago

Any girls add me open to all chats so drop by and say hi. I will reply to all

Posted: 39 mins ago

Im looking for friends possibly a relationship

Posted: 41 mins ago

Single. lonely. looking to make friends or maybe more. girls only 15 and up. I am a pc gamer and I roleplay too

Posted: 42 mins ago

Join hashtag... Justtalkdamnit... for friendly group chat

Posted: 44 mins ago

Anyone like to hmu and chat x

Posted: 45 mins ago

Single straight and ready to mingle

Posted: 46 mins ago

Any girls that want to talk hmu just let me know if you want it clean or not

Posted: 47 mins ago

Any ladies wanna chat or swap pics

Posted: 49 mins ago

Hmu girls only

Posted: 50 mins ago


Posted: 56 mins ago

47m. I like things.

Posted: 59 mins ago

No guys or kids... just looking for texting buddies old someone that knows how to keep a conversation going.

Posted: 1 hour 1 min ago

Someone talk anyone dc who

Posted: 1 hour 2 mins ago

Girls only please

Posted: 1 hour 7 mins ago

hmu from nj

Posted: 1 hour 10 mins ago

Looking for new people to talk to

Posted: 1 hour 14 mins ago

Hey Everyone im Benny from New Zealand Im 18 Im a genuine guy I dont want nudes dudes. HMU i got memes boi

Posted: 1 hour 17 mins ago

Need someone to talk to and all lonely both m and f

Posted: 1 hour 22 mins ago

Hey Im bored asf so kik me. Only clean chat

Posted: 1 hour 25 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 1 hour 25 mins ago

Girls who want to chat with a mature man say hi

Posted: 1 hour 27 mins ago

Bored canadian guy. looking for a decent convo. no fakes

Posted: 1 hour 28 mins ago

Hmu girls if u wanna talk. No guys. Any age

Posted: 1 hour 31 mins ago

Fitness - sport - germany - hetero - only girls - hmu

Posted: 1 hour 31 mins ago

Whos awake

Posted: 1 hour 33 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 1 hour 36 mins ago

Only interested in females of any age. Up for anything. Really just want people to talk to daily tbh. hmu

Posted: 1 hour 38 mins ago

Single dad just looking for a cool girl to talk to. Not necessarily looking for a relationship but if it turns into more cool and if not then just friends

Posted: 1 hour 39 mins ago

Bi, anyone up for Chat

Posted: 1 hour 41 mins ago

Hey any ladies want chat hmu

Posted: 1 hour 42 mins ago

Anyone Message Me. Any Age Or Race. Im 21 From England And Im A Bartender.

Posted: 1 hour 42 mins ago

Cute girls kik me I need a sweet girlfriend maybe or good friends 13 to 16 please

Posted: 1 hour 50 mins ago

Pretty bored please hmu

Posted: 1 hour 55 mins ago

Bored hmu if you want

Posted: 1 hour 58 mins ago

Black Muslim. Only females kik me direct. Anyone add the public group hashtag muslimrefugeesmatter

Posted: 2 hours 2 mins ago

Anyone got any ghost stories

Posted: 2 hours 2 mins ago

Up for anything only girls any age

Posted: 2 hours 2 mins ago

Yo anyone 17 or older hmu im just bored and trying to make friends. i like to make people laugh so yea hmu race doesnt matter to me and i play soccer and volleyball

Posted: 2 hours 8 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 2 hours 8 mins ago

Im alone and want someone to talk to and maybe a go but its not likely

Posted: 2 hours 9 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 2 hours 11 mins ago

HMU ladies. I am bored beyond belief up for any games you wanna play or just to chat I dont mind

Posted: 2 hours 11 mins ago

I am a single and straight black male and I am looking for a girlfriend. I am 24 and I have a light complexion.

Posted: 2 hours 11 mins ago

Any girls want to go hiking maybe go to dinner after the hike

Posted: 2 hours 11 mins ago