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Someone hmu plz soooo bored up for somthing girls

Posted: 2 mins ago

Late night conversations

Posted: 3 mins ago

From Ohio. clean chat.

Posted: 3 mins ago

Im mainly an idiot with a lot of luck but Im pretty chill too

Posted: 6 mins ago

Im 5foot 11inches tall. blonde hair blue eyes. i play football and wrestling. i am a huge cry baby at heart and am a sad single and lonely pringle. any latinas.

Posted: 7 mins ago

Bored... clean or dirty ..dc

Posted: 8 mins ago

Hey peeps anyone can hmu i reply to everyone lol dont be shy to message me i will respond, im mexican american and i play soccer and volleyball btw im 17 so dont ask lol but hmu peeps

Posted: 12 mins ago

Im really bored so feel free to kik me

Posted: 12 mins ago

Any girls looking for older guys here hmu

Posted: 13 mins ago


Posted: 13 mins ago

Anime fan loves death metal looking for friends girls only thanks. Clean chat only thanks

Posted: 16 mins ago

Can t sleep and have to be up soon Rip

Posted: 17 mins ago

I m bored and gay. Message me anything. I might rp, but keep in mind that I prefer not to, and I m not very good.

Posted: 17 mins ago

****o ImIm Nathan

Posted: 18 mins ago

Just girls pleas Im bored

Posted: 18 mins ago

Bored and talk to anyone

Posted: 20 mins ago

I would like to find friends. Maybe even a relationship. No asking for n..des or if I wanna BUY some. You also have to prove your real. Juggalo 4 life.

Posted: 21 mins ago

Girls if youre looking for a dirty rp hmu.

Posted: 26 mins ago

Anyone hit me up. Bored and got nothing to do. Clean or Dirty.

Posted: 27 mins ago

It s been a long day. Just looking for people to talk to

Posted: 27 mins ago

I dont knooooow

Posted: 30 mins ago

Im just looking to make some friends and talk to people. I dont care how old you are.

Posted: 32 mins ago

****o Im looking to meet new people or looking to chat with females or role play does not matter

Posted: 34 mins ago

Looking for a girl to talk to

Posted: 37 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 38 mins ago

Single girls kik me with a live pic of yourself

Posted: 38 mins ago
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AGE: 15 - US Flag Icon
leo58_'s KIK Profile Picture

Bi***ual, bored and up for anything

Posted: 39 mins ago

Just looking to chat with some young females

Posted: 40 mins ago

Read my age before you message me Im looking for a girl any age to hmu any topic or rp kik me

Posted: 40 mins ago

Anybody hmu with clean chat please

Posted: 42 mins ago

Girls only hmu

Posted: 42 mins ago

Hey whats up... down for whatever... prefer girls

Posted: 45 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 46 mins ago

Looking for someone to talk to and hangout with. We can do whatever

Posted: 48 mins ago

Super bored. Just feel like talking. Things bout me. Im 6ft 3in. Like and play baseball. Enjoy gaming and love to watch new anime. idk just hmu if you wanna talk

Posted: 48 mins ago

Looking to chat with a girl who is fun and laid back. I am a real guy and I expect you to be a real girl. Lets chats and see where things go. Possibly some fun tonight.

Posted: 49 mins ago

First female gets a surprise

Posted: 49 mins ago

Anyone hmu

Posted: 50 mins ago

Hey hmu i do clean and dirty.

Posted: 50 mins ago

Submissive girls only - any age - let me own you and look after you

Posted: 51 mins ago

Dirty girls that like it raw hmu

Posted: 52 mins ago

Any girls want to hmu clean or dirty

Posted: 53 mins ago
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AGE: 22 - US Flag Icon
scl9's KIK Profile Picture

Used to run a porn/hentai blog, like to share my collection to help others get off. Hmu with your interests, girls preferred

Posted: 53 mins ago

Single looking for relationship only girls 14-17

Posted: 55 mins ago

Just looking to chat with some nice people and if anyone needs help with problems in life hmu

Posted: 55 mins ago

Fate stay night and zero group. Msg to join

Posted: 56 mins ago

Bored asf HMU. all these petty niggas asking for nudes then calling the girl a hoe. like get a life fam. I just want friends and memes and Xbox buddies. also Im bi

Posted: 57 mins ago

Hi Im Jake Im looking to hopefully find new friends and maybe a Im friendly and cuddly

Posted: 57 mins ago

Need a male or female to rp with, Interested in both genders please hit me up.

Posted: 57 mins ago

Give me a chance and Ill show u

Posted: 58 mins ago

Look for people to talk to idc what we talk bout

Posted: 1 hour ago

If you want to chat and dont mind older... then hmu girls only

Posted: 1 hour 2 mins ago

Decent chats. Australian and married.

Posted: 1 hour 2 mins ago

Eyy message me if you re bored I know you wanna chat, maybe we can do something. Also down for clean or dirty chat I won t reply if you have no profile pic

Posted: 1 hour 2 mins ago

Single bored country boy. bearded tattooed and pierced. pulling am all nighters again... whos keeping me company....

Posted: 1 hour 3 mins ago

Hmu girls it is pretty late here though x

Posted: 1 hour 4 mins ago

Looking for a sugar baby

Posted: 1 hour 6 mins ago


Posted: 1 hour 9 mins ago
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AGE: 17 - US Flag Icon
dbdiii's KIK Profile Picture

Girls only 16 plus. im up for whatever i guess

Posted: 1 hour 11 mins ago

Anybody wanna be my lock screen

Posted: 1 hour 21 mins ago