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PNW - Traditional

8ball.? Wassup I’m bxred

is there a guy for me

horny for cum if you want cum together honey and want do everything whatever you want add me on skype tiffan99y and kik cumcuphorny

Looking for older men (18-45) to chat, dirty or clean chat hmu! 17F here.send me your asl. HMU @ bby_wats

Hello guys. I just make new friend to talk be friend if i slow reply text sry😊

Hey. If u want 20 hot dirty videos for Free add my kik: 42bya

Identical twin sisters doing lesbian stuff.

Anyone wants to chat and have some fun? Looking for guys who's down for anything. drty's definitely allowed ;) [email protected] allydavis81

little tipsy. lets play

No Description Available

wanna do something. bored

Hey! HMU

New acc! Looking for new friends on here😄 guys and girls are welcome... PS one direction will return

Hey, just looking for people around my age and no dirty stuff please. Looking forward to making new friends.


From the south of the uk, into dark stuff and a lot of other things. Feel free to hit me up

kik me

Only emos

Nothing inappropriate please. Clean chat.

hi 😊

Excite me

Now that Kik isn’t going anywhere, how about a daily friend to chat with? Requirements: over 40, married (yes, I’m married), east coast of US (or same time zone), can say more than “hey”, and keep it clean! 😊

Looking for a good rp! 😊

I'm looking to talk nothing dirty If you've no pic I'm going to ignore you *Tall and blue eyes are my fav 😅* No catfish please

Let's travel the world lol

Chill guys from the UK/US/AUS/CA. Ages 18-24 only. Send age and location to chat

Can’t sleep


any cute guys ages 20-27 want to roleplay

FTM transguy. I'm weird and funny and love music. Dont send me your dick. I'm in the female section because the rules said I had too. I'm 18. Dont send hate, okay?

No Description Available


Need someone to talk with and not for temporary.i Will send you what i look like in Snapchat because my Kik cant send pics thnks.(clean chat)

No Description Available

From the uk no one over 21 please

im rly bored!! gettin bk into my emo phase ngl plz message me thank u dont be creepy

Looking for genuine conversation, message something interesting instead of "Hey"

I’m bored and too lazy to go out, who wants to chat?

🌸🍄✨🍄🌸 you make my heart uwu🌸🍄✨🍄🌸

No Description Available

hello :) i’m small

Clean Chat Only! 💭

No Description Available

Hi, guess this isn't closing down anymore? 😂 hmu.


Looking for more role play partners send me contact info for other apps if interested

Looking for cool new friends


hmu with something more than just "hey what's up" or we can talk about guns and white privilege


Eyo im pretty bored so message me if you want :) thanks!


CLEAN CHAT ONLY OR YOU WILL BE GUARANTEE A BLOCK. Sorry if I don’t reply in time. I have school and life happening, so don’t worry if I don’t reply fast because I might be asleep or busy. Blank pfp = no reply. Any age and any gender is allowed, just please don’t be a creepy wet slice of bread or you will be blocked. I have a boyfriend so don’t bother. I will not send any pictures of myself so don’t ask. I have pictures of cat paws so if you want some, say meow. If you just want to talk, tell me something interesting about yourself in your first message and I will get back to you when I can. Nothing dirty or you will be blocked. Have a great day/afternoon/night! Hooray for kik staying!

Clean chat. Be interesting. Must have a face picture and be near my age please. :)