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I'm looking to talk nothing dirty If you've no pic I'm going to ignore you *Tall and blue eyes are my fav 😅* No catfish please

Clean chat :)

Can someone please tell the boredom to stop hitting on me


Bro what the actual f... 😑 like do people not think before they say stuff or....🤔

Clean Chat!💭✅ No dirty pics! ❌ No Old People!❌ Ask 4 My IG

No Description Available

No Description Available

my phone is really dry so ig slide in with an interesting opening (also please have a profile pic)

I'm just bored. Please don't text if you're over 18. I like memes and anime mostly

Hey from the uk , no one over 20

"What a beautiful Duwang!" pls don't ask me for pics straight away, i won't send you them :/

top 3 fave female and male wwe superstars! go

LESBIAN looking for cool girls to talk to, just be yourself

Bored af hmu peoples

Tell me something about you dreams for the future

sick n bored. clean chat, sixteen to eighteen, usa only pls. talk 2 meeee.

I am a trans guy. Was told I had to post in female. Hmu, but only if you can avoid being a dick

I’m into chill convos and make good friends. 17-22 y/o girls and boys! and pic of you if it’s nice ^^

yo necesito un amigo para escriba, yo no puedes hablar Español muy bueno, pero tu hablar texto conmigo

I like tall guys lol looking fir someone to talk while waiting my mates😂

Anyone wants to role play?

I’m single

Bored and just wanna talk. Guys ages 18-24, send age and location

17, F, Bisexual, UK, Boys and girls hmu 🧡x

let’s talk about sloths, literature, creepy movies, good music, and sloths. also chinese food. but if you don’t like sloths then you’re the worst. hit me up with quirky humor and witty banter. don’t be nasty.

looking for a husband): must be below 24 and funny

I just want some wholesome friends

bored sooo hmu

Instead of asking for my age just pay attention. Don't ask for my lotion as well

looking for internet friends. Clean chat only please

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Going on a road trip tomorrow with my family. Tips on remaining sane during the 7 hour ride?!!!!

send me your frequently used emojis lol

Diagnosed with chronic boredom and sleep deprivation :) Looking for chats and memes.. Maybe some rp

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If you want a ps4 minecraft buddy, or fortnite buddy, hmu lol.

Bored message me if you want to talk Don’t be dry Don’t be a creep I won’t answer unless you have a picture of yourself

hit me with your best joke, ya girl needs a good laugh

SA gang wya

Hi, clean chat