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Hey super bored and looking for a long term rp or just someone to talk to

Looking for friends only, I'm a relationship and I also have a 3 year old. Clean chat only or you'll be blocked. Also if you cant hold a conversation dont message me.

I'm single

Bored hmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmu. Pls don’t say hi :(

Just friends

Need new friends

Looking for some new friends. Instead of saying "hey" bring your A game and say something else. 18-23 preferably.


No Description Available

Heya :p wanna chat? Just clean tho. Just chill.

Black or Latino boys hmu. CLEAN

im bored, tell me the scariest thing 2 evr happen 2 u πŸ‘»πŸ”ͺ

looking for friends. I'm not really picky, you can message me regardless of your age, race or gender. you can vent to me & i'll listen ! i have a tiny obsession with anime.

hii wanna join a group? message me and i’ll add you!! if you don’t that’s okay we can still talk (: hmu!


clean chats only

Clean chats only. I don't send pics, not face not anything. Sorry. Let me know you've read this. Have a good day :)

I'm bored practically 24/7. Guys 27 and under only, send als. Let's have a good chat

No Description Available

Just bored, hmu I guess. , I’m down for most conversations

Up to chat, but mostly just feel like talking to other girls tbh My snap is pretty dead too so I wouldn't bother with that profile

Bored af and tired af. It's 2 am, so help me stay up πŸ‘€

Hmu :3 If you have colored hair u have to show me!

Sup kiddos

Been single for a long time

Someone hit me up! I'm bored and I want someone to talk to :^)

Clean Chat Only. You must have LIVE FACE PIC please

Answering all havent been on kik ina while so whats braxking


lil baby from california

An intelligent man will open your mind. A handsome man will open your eyes. A gentleman will open your heart. Is there any good guys still left in this world?

Send a live pic first, or I won't respond πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


I'm that bored

No Description Available

Hiya! I'm looking to make new friends/meme buddies. If you're chill hmu :)

hello (:


anyone wanna talk

I wanna chat, im sooo bored

yo nothing sexual

I am pretty bored like really bored you can text me if you want haha please be nice to me and i love foooood sooooooooo much

Im just bored i dont swap dirty pics

I like females 🌈🌈😘😘

If I had a world of my own everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't.

I'm tall n black n female and sorta cute. I'm 19 in like 30 mins... N I'd be hyped but corona shut stuff down so ig what I'm saying is.. Every1 is hyped n counting down minutes while I'm locked away in my room n I'm not liking it sooo hmu...


Just looking to rp! Hmu :)

looking for new friends to talk to, keep it clean. I have a bf so if you cant respect that, please dont hmu. :)

Someone should really skype me and not be a horny dickhead πŸ‘€