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8ft tall on ladders so not gonna talk with anyone shorter. 😌

Posted: 41 mins ago

Bored. Anyone interesting and intelligent pls

Posted: 1 hour 10 mins ago

Being bored

Posted: 1 hour 24 mins ago


Posted: 2 hours 13 mins ago

Hi I'm ball from Thailand let's be friends *no dirty talk.

Posted: 2 hours 20 mins ago
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ayetrash's KIK Profile Picture

Hmu for mediocre looks and personality with something more than just “hey what’s up” i guess it’d be cool to have a profile picture ??

Posted: 2 hours 40 mins ago

I want the right gf

Posted: 2 hours 40 mins ago

Cleano chattos onlyo okyo, into metal btw

Posted: 3 hours 50 mins ago

Looking for clean chat with someone. only chat with teenagers. indonesian

Posted: 4 hours 25 mins ago

West Midlands UK. Please have a pic of you. Clean chat only:)

Posted: 4 hours 29 mins ago

First time I’ve had service that works a little in a while 👏🏽 Please hmu

Posted: 5 hours 20 mins ago

Rp only please 18 to 30 girls mostly please

Posted: 5 hours 20 mins ago

**CLEAN CHAT** 15yr old girl who likes gaming and sleeping. **BOYS 17-21 WITH XBOX OR SKYPE**

Posted: 5 hours 48 mins ago

I got nothing to do today which means that I have time to talk to everyone who messages me and I'll even answer any questions you have because I'm that bored

Posted: 5 hours 53 mins ago


Posted: 7 hours 19 mins ago
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zennu94's KIK Profile Picture

Clean chats & friends

Posted: 7 hours 32 mins ago

19 and up guys and girls hmu

Posted: 9 hours 29 mins ago

Hit me up with your favorite conspiracy theory, random fact or secret.

Posted: 9 hours 44 mins ago

I don’t want weirdos just peeps to talk to about random stuff thx

Posted: 9 hours 49 mins ago


Posted: 10 hours 13 mins ago

Lets video chat

Posted: 11 hours 42 mins ago
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_.jaanie's KIK Profile Picture

Hmu :p

Posted: 12 hours 13 mins ago

Ayee my selfie gallery really growing

Posted: 12 hours 44 mins ago


Posted: 13 hours 5 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 13 hours 16 mins ago

Just.... clean chat OK

Posted: 13 hours 23 mins ago

Add me on Snapchat amelia1887

Posted: 13 hours 24 mins ago

Beginner B***ist and Makeup Artist. 17 female USA ages 16 to 19 girls and guys send a face pic I’m bored and want some more friend

Posted: 13 hours 58 mins ago

Send face pic

Posted: 14 hours 30 mins ago

Looking to talk *Nothing Dirty* if you have no pic im going to ignore you go tall and blue eyes are my fav haha No cashfish please.

Posted: 14 hours 47 mins ago
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23tasnim's KIK Profile Picture

Just want to talk. From East London. Hmu.

Posted: 15 hours 7 mins ago

Heyy Single hmu❤️😍✨

Posted: 15 hours 8 mins ago

Just looking for someone to talk to magnolia tx I will only answer if u have a pic no old guys

Posted: 15 hours 17 mins ago

Just looking for friends.

Posted: 15 hours 21 mins ago

Any cute guys ages 19-26 want to roleplay? long term and not to rushed please

Posted: 15 hours 35 mins ago

Hey my dudes, someone chill and cool Hmu. My favorite colors are black and purple, I love sweets, converse are pretty much the only shoes I wear, and I love piercings. So yea, just say your age and hello or something and lets get to know each other

Posted: 15 hours 42 mins ago


Posted: 16 hours 42 mins ago