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Basically always bored these days😅 world isnt opening up fast enough. Just wanna relax n chat with ppl, i guess

Please respect me and keep ur n*des to yourself thanks

say Hi


Dad and baby sitter role play if interested say rp or don’t be answered

Helloo, just on here, looking for rp partners to roleplay with~ hmu <3

Ahh. Somebody kik me. Trying to get over an “internet guy” that I’ve continuously talked too for over 2 years. I don’t even know why I’m so upset about it. He would never send me a picture. I just need to get my mind off him. Spam me with messages.😐

Hmu peoples ☺️ All welcome


Irish nurse here, just looking for a friendly clean chat

Friends. Chats.

Clean only!

chat with me

help!!!! my heart hurts because someone is breaking it 😭

No Description Available

A bit bored over here. Hmu!

Can really use someone to talk to, been feeling kinda blah lately so say haiiiii !!

Hello (:

Just looking for a friendly chat :)

Waiting for Philly game tonight, drop a message and tell me more about NBA 😂

Looking for long term chat. No sexting. Let's chat and laugh together.

hmu need entertainment

Hmu if you cute 🙃

I'm looking for friends, I am taken. I like anime, the color yellow, tiktok, cats, and photography. I am open minded, a good listener, horrible at remembering, and I am part of the lgbt. I'm pan and nonbinary. I guess that's it. BYEEEE!

Looking for people to talk :)

Just want to have normal conversation 🙃

Let's just be friend huehehehehe

Message me

What’s your zodiac? What do your hands look like? What’s a kink or fetish you have? What’s something out of the ordinary that happens to you?

hey i REALLY need help with chem so if you know how to do chem (specially equilibrium calculations) hmu

Want to meet people from all over the world

I'm bored, hmu. I'm a real cutie

Just want to have normal conversation ✌🏼