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Its my birthday today lol I'm getting old.

Hmu! (: or add me to a group chat! I’m not interested in exchanging pictures or anything of that sort

Message me


Trans guy, originally from Sweden but living in the us. I'm 15, I love food and music. I like doing athletics. I dye my hair often, I'm only looking for friends and messages with nice people thank you.

26 and under guys, send als and please be chill

Surprise me

Hey everyone! I'm bored and looking for a clean chat. I don't share pics for privacy reasons. If you've read this, start the conversation with the word pizza ( I'm more likely to reply that way). Looking forward to chat and becoming friends 😊

kinda bored. talk, anyone? cleanchat.

I'm mainly looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend my weakness is Asians but I have little to no preference, I'm a 4'11 Jamaican and Korean girl who can cook I also do a lot

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very bored. message me :)


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I like tv. I'm from Seattle so I'm like made out of 80% coffee beans probably. I like art, music, cooking and baking. I'm loud, but really energetic. I am trans, he/him pronouns. Please be respectful and nice. Don't send me nudes, I want friends, becuase I lack a lot of those. I am 15.

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looking for some high fantasy/medieval fantasy roleplay (mostly clean, but we can discuss that). I've got a few characters I can use, all of which are female. I'm just looking to see if i can't pass the time.

Bored af HMU peoples ☺️

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any late night chats?? preferably female but males too! any age or race, not picky!

I'm into anime, video games, metal and travelling. I'm a student from Norway. Would love to talk to people with common interests :)

Clean chat, ages 19-28 , looking for a CLEAN CHAT ! I LIKE TO VIDEO CALL SOMETIMES TOO

Hey👋🏾 Just up bored

Clean chaaaaaaaaats

Im super bored, need someone to hit me up.

Hey please message me.. im looking for friends, please don't judge me. Men and wamin both welcome !!!

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Send a live pic first 🤷🏻‍♀️ Or I won’t respond

Lets talk ! Anyone is welcome


Heey, who’s awake? Hmu if you like thick black girls🦋😛

I'm taken just bored af

Is this place still alive? If so, survivors message me and add me to your groups.

Is there anyone good? The one that looking for normal chat? If there is, hit me up :) I’m looking for friends

very bored, lookin for friends or an interesting conversation ig

Does someone want to do jealous boyfriend and girlfriend role-play if interested say rp

hmu i am bored and just looking for a chill conversation

Hi! Anyone free to chat? Clean chats only though. And please be around my age, if thats possible. Haha See you!

stuck at home bored, let’s talk all day about fun stuff

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Anybody wanna talk otp

Do you ever eat and the foods so good you take hella huge bites, but that last huge bite goes does sorta wrong, and you start feeling that shit in your back? Lemme know 👀

Do not put usernames in your description. You are likely to be banned

Clean chat please!

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Bored & looking for new friends! If you're chill hmu! No pervs, please :)

Which girl is the hottest in my profile picture?

What do you think about Slavic girls? Lol I'm bored...hmu..