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hi I'm bored

Can't sleep and I'm looking to make some new friends/meme buddies. If you're chill hmu! No creeps pls :)

15 from USA but visiting family in Stockholm. I'm weird and funny and loud. Sometimes obnoxious and a trans guy. Love dancing and roleplaying

Guys from the UK/US/AUS/CA ahes 18-24 only. Send age and location and let's chat!

Why is my reflection someone I don't know

Send a live pic first 🤷🏻‍♀️ or I won't respond

I’m extremely bored...who wants to talk and/or also get to know me ? Just HMU 😣


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Anybody wanna talk? Clean

keep a convo

I’m Lyss and I like to draw art and I love electronic pets and such.

People good at math text me

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Looking for a detailed rp! hmu if interested! 🥀


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No Description Available

Quentin Tarantino Manchester United Metal music 🤘🏽🖤🤘🏽🖤

From the south of the UK, Single, Goth, looking to make friends like me ^-^

I need REAL friends.. not fake friends.. need more people to talk to so hmu on my snapchat.. also kinda feeling down tonight.. need people to talk to and people who like talking on the phone..

No Description Available

still sick, stressed, and tired but still a bad bitch

Looking for friends n stuff. You know how it is. No weirdos lol

Hiiii, I like being around my family and friends. I love music. I love dogs and i love food.

Night shift once again, help me out? Lol Thanks! (Keep it clean please)

CLEAN CHAT ONLY OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. Just looking for a new friend or two. I’m transgender ftm and my pronouns are he/him. Any age, any gender. Blank pfp = no reply. Please try to greet me with something interesting or I probably won’t reply. I have a boyfriend so I will not dirty chat with you. I will not send you a selfie so stop asking. Stop asking me for my asl when it’s right there on my profile. Any questions? Just ask. Nothing dirty or you’ll be blocked though. Have a great day/afternoon/night

Not looking to sext or send nudes 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just wanna chat with people

Guys and girls😊 i am looking for a relationship.

Clean chat only. Inappropriate stuff will be blocked immediately.

chicken leg bis

I'm bored and revising econ. Hmu!