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Looking for fun guys. Start with a pic of you if you want to chat!

Not really up to anythin tonight, kinda bored. No d pics plz -_-

I don’t even know

No Description Available

Someone keep me company, been up all night 😂

Chat! Around my age only

curiosity ..

Hey all, Female from Australia, going through a rough patch at the moment and things are pretty crap, looking for some kind genuine people who can hold a conversation someone who would be willing to help me and listen..no sexual/dirty talk please.

I'm molly, from England, hmu, send a pic or something?

Hi(: i just wanna relax n chat with ppl i guess.

Hey all, 22 female from Australia just looking for genuine friends and people who can hold a conversation please no asking for nudes/sexual stuff as you will be blocked. I’m a genuine down to earth woman, I love makeup, watching tv shows, cooking, the outdoors and lots of other things! So hmu if you’d like a chat.. what’s your favourite Christmas food or drink?

Hey Cali female here

Send a live pic first 🤷🏻‍♀️ Or I won’t respond

meow meow meow femboy vibes 🧸 anyone say helloooooo! if someone wants to get me a fall guys costume~ 👀🥰

Im bi i prefer younger.

Looking to meet new people :) message me.

No nudes bored plz keep me busy


no limits at all!!!! send me anything and ill try and respond!!!!!!

just looking for cool people to chat with any age or gender. i love music and sports hmu :)

If you could master one skill instantly, what would it be?

I’m 9f I like older guys add me

I’m 27, from the UK, looking to chat and get to know people. Happy to chat to anyone. Start messages with something other than Hi

hmu on kik

Hey 🤗❤️

Just a bored girl lookin for some fun Kik me ;)

Just bored

18 yo girl and looking for a guy into his own little sister or daughter

who wants to be friends with an unstable trans chick? 🔪

No Description Available

Do you ever think about no longer existing

Dumb redhead

Just bored

Hi there, 20/f/uk looking for friends in the uk :)

Hello! I’m not looking for inappropriate things. I’m here to talk, get to know each other and see where it goes. If I receive anything that will make me uncomfortable you’ll be blocked immediately.

Kinda bored today, Kik me!

Searching for some friends…

It's weekend here and kinda bored😅

Just wanna talk about anything you want. 💞

Hello like to make new friends and talk about whats on your mind

Hey, hmu ☺

Follow me on Instagram : Eva27me

I’m thirsty. Let’s get a drink? ;)

Welcome back everyone. Apologies for the downtime.

21 F Looking for someone to play with hmu

I farted lmao. I'm bored ^~^

Heyyyy Looking to sell some nudes :)

looking for clean chats and something daily

Hi I’m Addison,24 from the US, just looking to chat,nothing dirty

Here to chat

Any subs??? I’m just bored tbh

I’m just looking for friends be it boy or girl No sexual conversation please, just clean chats I need someone who knows how to carry the conversation and also funny💓

I’m single and looking for husband


Write me for Chat on kik ;) i like to meet New friends boys and girls;)

It’s been a while since the last time I use kik lol, I’m back and expecting a good conversation :D lets talk !!