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I turn 21 in less thank a month. I'm high as frick and I play valorant. if you can solve a rubics cube in under 1 minute, will marry you. Money is nice and everything. I'm like a dommy, so don't call me baby. k luv u byeee

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Let Me Be Your Secret Get Away.

Send a live pic first 🤷🏻‍♀️ Or I won’t respond

Talk to me about stuffed animals idc

Boyfriend and girlfriend fighting role play if interested say rp

uhhh xbox friends maybe? or just a normal conversation haha

Looking for friends, nudes get you blocked. Message if you love animals.music. fitness. between 20 and 35. I like reptiles. metalcore. rock. knives.books.plants and lifting

Bored need decent conversation

bored watching anime hmu

just looking for someone to vent to :( a little sad rn need some cheering up

Hmu! clean chat and funny jokes lol

Hey! I’m super bored right now and have nothing to do.

from southuk, please be around my age! looking for people with simiar interests

Hiiiii. I'm trans ftm. I am 15. I'm super into anime and I'm super into poetry. I love music. My favorite musician is Michael Jackson and I also love the ramones. I'm really friendly. At least I think I am. I love 80s movies too. I will forever love Pretty in pink with John Cryer and Molly Ringwald. I have animals and pets and they are my life. I'm a practicing Wiccan.

Up for anything clean ☺️ I'm just bored so I don't really care about age or gender.

Looking for interesting people to talk to

Hmu peoples

Clean chats please

any cute guys ages 24-30 want to rp longterm

Haii omg I haven’t been on here in like forever lol talk to me I’m kinda cool lol sike lol


kinda bored. just looking for good conversation.

Happy new year. Clean chats only. Open to chat to everyone.

looking for people to talk, or anyone who wants to be friends, who likes anime! any age, gender or ethnicity is fine with me.

Happy New Year!! What's your Favorite game?

In a deep depression honestly.. just got out of a serious relationship, long relationship with someone I thought was the one for me.. turns out not.. so I’m stuck with a nonrefundable ticket.. and a broken heart.. anyway my interests are Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Comics, Superheroes, Gaming, etc also if you Mexican hmuuu🤤🤤

Love to meet new people. Clean chat only though. And please be around my age. See you!

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Do I look like a potato? (:

O boring day



clean chat

Wanna meet new people😌

Message me

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No Description Available

Finding friends a good attitude, and wants more talk everything in the whole world

Hey! Let's be friends:) No Perverted. 📍Indonesia

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27/f/UK just looking for people to chat with :)