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Friends. Live face pic is a Must. Clean Chat Only.

Looking for role play if you are interested say rp or don’t be answered

Going through a lot right now.. just need friends.. my interests are Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, photography, Animals, Manga, TMNT, Skyrim, COD, etc add me on snap as well..

I'm kinda bored and hoping that someone could entertain me. Hmu!

Bored to death 😴

Well since I'm here to talk... My question for the start is: Are you more like a cat person or a dog person?

Guess which one iam in the pic. Clean chat only.


No Description Available

Clean chat, best joke or chat up line for the banter.

Wanna rp or talk?

28/f/Uk just looking for people to chat to :)

don’t send d pic straight away lol if you do you are blocked :)

Hii.. Looking for nice peeps only

Send a live pic first 🤷🏻‍♀️ Or I won’t respond

I am so fucking bored We can talk if you want lol

Just looking to make friends or whatever lol FL <3

talk to me


If you wanna chat you can just text me

Ahh. Bored. Working. Need some entertainment. Somebody kik me! I’ll give my snap when you message me with a live pic.😌

bored princess looking for friends :33 maybe more! I love hello kitty, drawing, and anything pink!!

Finally can chill for a bit today, let’s chat ^^


Falling from the stars

anyone in cali or the US wanna chat

talk to me


No Description Available

Hi, Im looking for friends to talk with and prefer quite talkative but i myself Im not and i prefer 28-40. I am into clean chats only.

UK. In a relationship. Clean chat. Just looking to make new friends

Anyone want to make friends and keep me company during work when I take breaks? :)

No Description Available

what’s ur fav poptart flavor

Bored as hell. Anyone do comic related rps? Marvel or Dc, doesn't matter to me. If you play Loki or Riddler, though that's extra points.

looking for anything (: my interests include: indie music, boys in maid dresses, art, cool people

tell me your favorite joke or message me with some intelligent/interesting conversation. No one above the age of 28 please <3

I can barely sleep properly anymore so come hang out with bored restless me as I slowly watch time pass by meaning I have to wake up for school

Hmu, we can talk about anything lol. Just no nudes please, thank you.

Do people even use this anymore lmao

Tired, stressed, overwhelmed, insomniac

Love to meet new people. Clean chat only though. And please be around my age. See you!

Hey, I'm quite anxious and overwhelmed. I am so most of the time, I spend most of the time trying to distract myself. I don't share my private information. And all I'm looking for is a chat. And a person to randomly text when I need someone to listen. I can't promise I'll do the same but I'll try. I feel overwhelmed like I said. If you're interested hahahahaah.... please let me know. Also let me know you read this description.

bored hmu