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Talk to me. I’m bored

Posted: 8 mins ago

Girls hmu!!! Looking for some fun ;)

Posted: 55 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 1 hour 8 mins ago

Interested in roleplaying

Posted: 1 hour 35 mins ago

No guys

Posted: 2 hours 16 mins ago

Straight male from London UK looking for fun with naughty girls. Up for chat, role play and local meets x

Posted: 2 hours 20 mins ago

Write to me

Posted: 2 hours 30 mins ago

Hmu ladies

Posted: 2 hours 39 mins ago

Any single women looking to chat? I'm looking for honest and chill, get to know each other. I like games I'm trusting and random haha, tired of ppl leaving so be serious. And nice. Kik me

Posted: 3 hours 23 mins ago
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No Description Available...

Posted: 3 hours 36 mins ago
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Just back from dinner and looking for fun. any ladies out there fancy a chat

Posted: 3 hours 45 mins ago

Please only genuine chubby or BBW women prefer busty in Scotland,no fakes,I don't buy pics or email anyone.over 18 no younger,I'm genuine so defo no fakes.

Posted: 3 hours 51 mins ago

All girls can freely txt me

Posted: 4 hours 17 mins ago


Posted: 4 hours 17 mins ago

Board hmu

Posted: 4 hours 34 mins ago

Add me onlygirls

Posted: 5 hours 15 mins ago

I'm a Certified Structural Welder and Certified Pipe Welder and Just looking for conversation to p*** time, please nothing weird, thanks.

Posted: 5 hours 18 mins ago

Taking fun requests from the ladies.

Posted: 6 hours 7 mins ago

Nothing special

Posted: 6 hours 10 mins ago

Looking for a niceness girl to chat with

Posted: 6 hours 40 mins ago


Posted: 7 hours 28 mins ago

No TGIS ..bored af.

Posted: 7 hours 34 mins ago

Hey Im bored come on guys or girls I dont bite I want to make new friends

Posted: 7 hours 57 mins ago

Tattooed boy lookin people to chat with. Save my evening and just hmu, im waiting

Posted: 8 hours 39 mins ago

Looking for actual people to talk to not buying pics I will report you if you try that being said Im looking for fun friendly people to talk yo

Posted: 8 hours 50 mins ago

Hey Guys Bored At Home Looking Someone To Talk To

Posted: 10 hours 59 mins ago
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Any age Male or female I’m ready for you

Posted: 11 hours 16 mins ago

Teacher in the UK looking for some fun chat this weekend. Any girls want a chat?

Posted: 11 hours 33 mins ago

Hmu for horse rp 🐴

Posted: 12 hours 16 mins ago

Man delights not me, no, nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.

Posted: 13 hours 21 mins ago
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Stri8 only real girls

Posted: 13 hours 29 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 14 hours 39 mins ago


Posted: 15 hours 9 mins ago
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Looking to chat with some ladies

Posted: 15 hours 13 mins ago

Wanna Chat Kik Me Older Women 25*to 50 Plus Feel Free to I Like Older Women

Posted: 16 hours 24 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 17 hours 14 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 17 hours 31 mins ago
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hnicka's KIK Profile Picture

Girls 18 or older hmu

Posted: 17 hours 39 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 17 hours 58 mins ago

Hey there, I'm really bored. Hmu. Girls no older than 30. I'm single lol.

Posted: 18 hours 27 mins ago

Bored in college hmu

Posted: 18 hours 49 mins ago
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Can’t sleep

Posted: 19 hours 17 mins ago

Hello! If you’d like to RP or exchange pics, please feel free to message me. Both girls and guys are welcome. Thanks!

Posted: 19 hours 45 mins ago

Women, over 18, m to f trans works too. NOT BUYING ****S

Posted: 19 hours 51 mins ago

Just looking for someone to talk to

Posted: 20 hours 27 mins ago

Im super tall blue eyed an country .looking for friends so text me. I love supernatural an tattooed girls

Posted: 20 hours 57 mins ago

Hey, I'm single and bored right now.. hmu anyone.. Im alone.. any age

Posted: 21 hours 11 mins ago

Any girls wanna play and have some fun? Maybe even just chat.

Posted: 21 hours 51 mins ago

Looking for people to talk to...girls only

Posted: 22 hours 1 min ago

Hey :) feel free to message me. Girls only please

Posted: 23 hours 16 mins ago

Looking for female friends

Posted: 23 hours 20 mins ago

Hmu on kik if u wanna talk bored

Posted: 23 hours 42 mins ago

Looking for hot women ;)

Posted: 1 day 10 mins ago

Any girls feel like chatting. up for whatever.

Posted: 1 day 51 mins ago

Hey my name is Marcel I'm almost 20 years old guy I'm bored and I'm looking for girls which are open for everything

Posted: 1 day 59 mins ago

I am a volunteer firefighter but I just had back surgery yesterday so Im bored and looking for friends to keep me company.

Posted: 1 day 1 hour ago

Hmu im bored

Posted: 1 day 1 hour ago

Bored looking to talk to some new people anyone feel free to message me

Posted: 1 day 2 hours ago

Playful and open. Just broken up so Yeh. ..u know what ur in for if u message first

Posted: 1 day 3 hours ago

Open for almost anything

Posted: 1 day 3 hours ago