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No Work Today And The Wifes Out Come Chat Me Girls

Posted: 31 mins ago

Sunday Night Fun Hmu

Posted: 59 mins ago

I wanna make friends Please contact me(^◇^)

Posted: 59 mins ago

Any girls wanna chat and play dirty? Open to talking and anything else. Prefer anyone over 18.

Posted: 1 hour 19 mins ago

Roleplay ladies only

Posted: 1 hour 29 mins ago

Looking for fun and entertaining conversation with like minded women. Interests are fitness, games, religion, and many things inbetween. I'm a "universal" man so to speak and just enjoy getting to know others!

Posted: 1 hour 34 mins ago

Iam a boy who like to be ***** for girls Please if u like to have a obedient dirty ***** boy to humiliate and **** him as u like and be at ur servise any time u want Say hi *****

Posted: 1 hour 49 mins ago

Looking to meet some fun new people, come hit me up..

Posted: 3 hours 41 mins ago

Hey im bi 17m and horny af. kik me plz im bored lol

Posted: 4 hours 26 mins ago

Eng student single atheletic bored up to anything. hi :3

Posted: 4 hours 53 mins ago

Bored hmu

Posted: 5 hours 15 mins ago

Little bored, I am into video chat with any lady. Hmu :)

Posted: 7 hours 5 mins ago

**** me. I am still just looking for a literate comma capable comma feisty andslashor interesting conversational partner. Why do they not allow proper punctuation on here. Apparently I am quite picky.

Posted: 7 hours 50 mins ago

Let's have a nice and fun chat and see where it goes! ;D

Posted: 7 hours 58 mins ago

Looking for a nice chat , with f e m a l e s worldwide and nothing else. Race, colour, age,ethnic idk. Dont contact me for anything else, or I block u imediately.

Posted: 8 hours 23 mins ago

20 yrs old hmu, looking for a girl or a couple of girls. clean or dirty doesn't matter.

Posted: 9 hours 49 mins ago
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Does anyone even use this app anymore?

Posted: 10 hours 10 mins ago

I'm extremely bored! Looking for any woman that wants to chat or be friends

Posted: 10 hours 24 mins ago

Hi there how are you

Posted: 11 hours 19 mins ago

Is their any nice female only that would like a nice chat I prefer chuuby women but any women can message.don't ask me to buy pics or I will block u.genuine only!

Posted: 11 hours 38 mins ago

HMU for literally whatever

Posted: 11 hours 41 mins ago

Straight male 6’3 fit

Posted: 12 hours 34 mins ago

Girls over 16 hmu

Posted: 12 hours 45 mins ago

Just trying to find an older woman that likes younger guys. I don't care how much older than me you are, I'll still be happy to talk or do anything you want. So hmu!

Posted: 12 hours 46 mins ago

Looking for girls to chat with, dirty chat I mean. The younger the better

Posted: 13 hours 15 mins ago

Catch me girls if you can.feeling so boared.need to talk

Posted: 13 hours 34 mins ago
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Posted: 13 hours 38 mins ago
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goaser's KIK Profile Picture

No Description Available...

Posted: 13 hours 59 mins ago

Just looking for fun

Posted: 14 hours 15 mins ago

6 foot tall

Posted: 15 hours 46 mins ago
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dekjon's KIK Profile Picture

God I am sooooo bored and that leads me to being ;) so please hmu dekjon xx

Posted: 16 hours 54 mins ago

What r u waiting for..kik me

Posted: 19 hours 47 mins ago

Looking to chat with females ages 18 to 35

Posted: 20 hours 8 mins ago
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vribom's KIK Profile Picture

I want fun with girls😏

Posted: 20 hours 9 mins ago

Just real girls! Kik me @nooah1407

Posted: 20 hours 30 mins ago

Hi, I’m a 51 year old man seeking an age gap relationship with a younger woman. Let’s chat!

Posted: 20 hours 33 mins ago

Hello, just bored and wanting to kill some time with a female. The older the better.

Posted: 22 hours 20 mins ago

Feeling a bit down and need a pick me up. females only 20 and over please.

Posted: 23 hours 23 mins ago

Very bored

Posted: 1 day 16 mins ago

Girls only down for anything

Posted: 1 day 19 mins ago

Married guy, can’t sleep. Keep me company

Posted: 1 day 25 mins ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 1 day 30 mins ago

Spam me with pics! Guys, girls... Everyone's welcome

Posted: 1 day 56 mins ago

Hi, hmu

Posted: 1 day 2 hours ago

Just a lonely fat guy who's honest... Just looking for a friend to chat with... 💔😢 I'm pretty awkward and random and stupid.

Posted: 1 day 2 hours ago

Add me up girls am friendly

Posted: 1 day 3 hours ago

Clean chats. Friendship (16-25). Don't care if you are the straightest guy to bi-est guy, let's just talk clean. I'm black btw

Posted: 1 day 4 hours ago

Looking for some fun(; (girls only)

Posted: 1 day 4 hours ago

****o looking for any female to chat long-term

Posted: 1 day 4 hours ago

Looking to have a bit of fun with a femboy,trans or trap ;) hmu if you are interested I’ll be waiting:3

Posted: 1 day 5 hours ago

only girls hmu

Posted: 1 day 5 hours ago
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Any women welcome.

Posted: 1 day 6 hours ago
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Hi im a 15 yrs old bi boy. Im searching for clean and dirty too. Hmu😉

Posted: 1 day 7 hours ago

Bored older straight man at home looking to chat with girls only, all messages answered

Posted: 1 day 10 hours ago


Posted: 1 day 12 hours ago

Add me on kik

Posted: 1 day 15 hours ago

I’m 22 years old and from Denmark and i’m borede and alone home only female and girls Pless 😘💪

Posted: 1 day 15 hours ago

No Description Available...

Posted: 1 day 17 hours ago

Let's have some fun...

Posted: 1 day 19 hours ago

Hi. I am wanting to chat with girls. 16plus

Posted: 1 day 19 hours ago