K Friend Finder (KFF)

By using KFriendFinder you declare to understand and abide by the following rules and principles at any time.:


  • KFF is not KIK. We are a public board for sharing your username with the community, along with your interests. Once you post your username on KFF anyone could contact you through KIK: we are not responsible for the conversations that occur between users. Unwanted conversations can be ignored/blocked through KIK.

  • You are not a customer, you are a member of the community, so are the admins. KFF is a free app, admins are volunteers, expect courtesy and professionalism, but do not demand it. Also, be polite because 90% of the times you need to contact an admin it is due to a fault of your own. Admins are there to help but are not supposed to chat about anything but bans or technical issues. You can see the admin line-up at the bottom of this page: USERS NOT LISTED THERE ARE NOT KFF ADMINS. Also, KIK, the company HAS NO ADMINS (no matter what any user may say) AND THEY WILL NEVER CONTACT YOU THROUGH KIK: KIK USERS CLAIMING TO BE PART OF KIK STAFF ARE LYING.

  • KFF is a place for finding friends, open to all legit users: always keep a nice behaviour but remember you are talking to strangers, no matter how friendly they are, mean/evil users may happen to contact you.

  • KFF, as well as KIK, is meant for personal use only: sharing IDs/devices/connections (included public/shared WIFIs) exposes you to a potential ban for someone else's guilt. Always lock your device and avoid sharing your connection with others: if they get banned, you will also be.


  • You are allowed to post only VALID usernames that you OWN, USE and are therefore responsible for: posting fake IDs, posting on behalf of others (even with their consensus), posting idle/deactivated accounts (admins check) is strictly forbidden. Every account you own can be posted but only one per list scroll. Group IDs can be posted in the description only.

  • You are asked to provide real AGE (strictly 13+) and BIRTH SEX at every post: admins are entitled to check upon the validity of these details by blocking you for verification and asking custom pictures*. If found to be disguising as much older/younger or as male/female you will be banned without appeal.

  • You are allowed to post a picture along with the username: in any case, pictures cannot contain explicit nudity, violence, reference/solicitation in the use of weapons/alcohol/drugs.

  • You are allowed to post a description along with the username: in any case, description must not contain another KIK ID, social networks IDs that you do not own, reference to violence/sex/alcohol/drugs or other morally despicable or even illegal topics. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE ANY TRADING/SHARING/COMPANY/BUSINESS, REQUEST MONEY/GIFTS or Unspecified HELP.

  • You are allowed to post hashtags for interests along with the username: hashtags are to be meant as part of the description and to observe the same rules.

  • This is a non-exhaustive list of INAPPROPRIATE TOPICS: trading/selling imagery, sharing links, referring to sexual acts or organs, referring to use/abuse of alcohol/drugs, referring to ILLEGAL topics, unjustified money references, BDSM/DDLG/DOM-SUB roleplays and family-related role-play (mommies, daddies, brothers/sisters, incest etc). If you are not sure about the content you want to post, ask an admin BEFORE posting.


If you are shown a ban notice, it means either that you're blocked for verification, or that you broke one of the rules or that you're using the same device/connection used to break one. Before appealing to a ban, be sure you are using your own device and connection, otherwise you may not be eligible to dispute the ban itself. The ban notice you are shown will carry, depending on the cases, one or more of the following details:

  • the reference admin KIK ID
  • the ban reason
  • the duration of the ban
  • an alphanumeric BAN CODE, needed by the admin to fetch the ban from the database
  • a quotation of the banned description at time of posting
  • a quotation of the banned username at time of posting

You will need to screenshot the ban notice and send it to the admin via KIK, or copy/paste the ban code before you start disputing. Admins are busy people, do not ask why you are banned, give them the code and you will be told. Bans can last 1 hour, one day or forever: temporary bans lift automatically after their duration, permanent bans never lift automatically.

VERIFICATION is a temporary ban, despite the “permanent” label: means an admin is awaiting you to text to verify your age/sex; until you verify you are cut off from posting on KFF. Passing verification will lift the ban immediately. Verification happens through live pictures*. Admins will ALWAYS give you instructions before starting and will allow you to in certain circumstances postpone the process. Verification can only be attempted ONCE per username and if failed CANNOT BE DONE AGAIN. * Pictures will only need to include full face, portion of arms and hands and a writing on request by the admin: no offensive/sexual/bullying/awkward request will ever be made by a KFF admin upon verification.

Admins can investigate suspect users even in private. If found or reported with proof of any rule breaking behavior towards any user that contacts you through KFriendFinder, you could be denied access to the community.

In accordance with European GDPR (2018) we declare that pictures eventually collected by the staff will never be kept by individuals, never shared publicly nor privately, never sold/given/shown to other subjects nor companies. Images will be stored in an encrypted server and only kept for the duration of the membership of their owners: upon MAIL request by each owner we will permanently delete their unique copies of the pictures from KFF server, therefore invalidating the verification process and resulting in a ban from the community. Users will be allowed to rejoin the community by verifying the username again.

ADMIN Usernames:

  • KFF_Cerberus

[email protected]