KikFriendFinder Rules & Terms Of Service!
Updated: 7th Nov 2016

Your agreement with us:
During your initial use or after a reinstall, you are given a pop up message telling you a summary of the basic rules.
By clicking agree on this popup you agree to the following terms:
- You will follow ALL of the rules listed below at all times.
- You should read this page fully as it contains all the current information on bans and other frequently discussed questions and concerns.
- You will post your REAL Age, Gender and KIK Username (KIK ID).
- You are aged 13 or older! Underage users will be removed and PERMANENTLY banned!

Rules location:
- On the app: Top left corner > click the 3 horizontal lines > Help/About > ''User Guide''.
- On the web page: Top right corner: ''RULES''.
As of this moment, while you are here, you have NO EXCUSE to not know where the rules and terms of service are located or what they say!

Permanent bans:
- Sale/Trade of ILLEGAL imagery - Any reference to selling/trading/discussing imagery, links, profile pictures, apps involving 12 YEAR OLDS OR YOUNGER whether clothed or naked (full or partial).
- ILLEGAL topic - Any reference considered ILLEGAL by law including, but not limited to: blackmail, threats, rape, incest, or beastiality (sexual involvement with animals or pets).
- Ban evading - After receiving a permanent ban (except for User ID Requested, unless ignored and reposting while banned), all posts referencing the banned username or account holder are subject to BAN EVADING and will be banned and removed from using this service! You are banned! STOP REPOSTING!
- Inappropriate pornography - Genital area, whether fully or partially exposed, see through clothing, using your hand to cover part or all of it.
- Advertising/Promotions/Services/Sponsorship (aka ''Inappropriate topic'') - We can not legally or otherwise allow the use of advertising or announcing any services or promotions or companies etc due to the risk of legal/copyright/sponsorship complaints from owners and staff.  This is both to protect the company and users from facing prosecution or other legal action.  Anything considered or suspected of being ''non personal'' references may face being banned permanently!  The exception to this is your OWN personal Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube etc.  That said, please be prepared to provide proof, IF requested, that what you are advertising is in fact your OWN social media or company and it does NOT involve children, sexual involvement or nudity etc!
- Money / gifts / gift cards / bank details - This can be ILLEGAL in some places as it is considered an invasion of privacy, scam, fraud, theft, or other ILLEGAL activity and as such it will not be tolerated under ANY circumstances!
- Fake age - Suspicious ages such as 69/99/100 etc or proven fake/lied about ages are subject to being permanently banned.  You are told to provide your REAL age at the top of this page to prevent permanent bans!  We can not legally ask for proof so appealing will most likely be denied instantly anyway! You MUST provide your real age in your profile and check BEFORE YOU POST IT!
- Underage - Minimum age to use KFF and KIK is 13 years old or older. Underage users will be removed and permanently banned.
- User Identification Requested (detailed info below) - Despite being referred to as a ''Permanent ban'' it is initially a temporary restriction until you have verified correctly the way the admin asks and within the time limit. If you refuse to comply, fail to provide correctly, or ignore the admin entirely, the ban stays permanent.
- Posting with a fake name or intending to spam - Usernames that appear invalid; ''Invalid KIK Username / Not a valid KIK username'' auto response from KIK, intentionally fake or edited usernames, and spamming rubbish usernames.
- Posting another users name - You may only post your own active and valid KIK username.  If you own more than one user name, you are NOT allowed to post them both in the SAME post. One post per username.  Under no circumstances are you allowed to post on behalf of ANYONE else ever!  This is both to prevent verbal abuse, harassment, blackmail, threats etc and also for privacy reasons!  If they want to post they can do it themselves!  If they ask you to post for them DO NOT DO IT or you will be permanently banned as well as them! No other persons username is allowed to be posted, even in the description!

(Admin Discretion) 1 / 24 hour bans:
- Male on female list - Proven male posted on the Adult Female or Female list.
- Female on male list - Proven female posted on the Adult Male or Male list.
- Posting on male and female lists - Posting your username on both of the lists at the same time.
- Sale/Trade of illicit imagery - Any reference to selling/trading/discussing/rating imagery, links, profile pictures, apps involving 13 YEAR OLDS OR OLDER whether clothed or naked (full or partial).  If you clearly indicate that you wish to trade/rate/show etc ''CLEAN ONLY'' images of YOURSELF and you are 13+ then it is okay. Any suspicion or indication of nude or indecent image or video trading, will result in a ban!
- Inappropriate topic - Anything considered inappropriate to finding friends or meeting new people (except clean topics) can fall under this category. There is a wide range of topics but is more commonly sexual or genital references.  Examples of which involve: sexual/nude/inappropriate references linked to role-play/dom/sub/bdsm/sex toys/family based role play (incest implications), ddlg (implied rape/sexual abuse), talking about your body in a sexual way, body part sizes or similar. We are not here for sexual fetishes or sexual topics etc! Keep it clean!

Member report reasons:
- Did not post my name here - Android users are usually allowed to remove their post, however, due to due to a network change or other technical issues, this option could be unavailable.  If this is the case please contact an admin or report your OWN username for removal! We understand friends and/or family sometimes want to help out however the account does not belong to you so please do not get involved as it makes things more complicated!  If you are the account holder and you see YOUR NAME posted but it was not by you, use this report!
- Is pornographic - Fully or partially visible genital area. Most commonly used by bots and users who cant have a little decency and keep it clean!

- Is offensive - Racist comments, foul language, sexism, discrimination etc. We are all entitled to talk to who we wish and have an opinion, but you do NOT get to judge and discriminate based on that! Keep it to yourself if you cant say anything nice!  We will not tolerate such behaviour!
- Selling Images/Services - Most common reason for this ban is typically for automated posters (aka bots) who offer services, links, apps, downloads etc or request money in exchange for nudes.  Report anyone who you find is: 1) Repeatedly posting the same spam descriptions (usually sexual) but under different usernames and frequently.  2) Trying to sell you anything such as imagery, links, apps, websites, cam shows usually in exchange for money / gifts / bank details.
- Verbal abuse - Verbal abuse / harassment (written or spoken) will not be tolerated.  Everyone speaks their own way but that is no excuse to be abusive!
- Male on female side - Proven male posted on the Adult Female or Female list.
- Female on male side - Proven female posted on the Adult Male or Male list.
- Not a valid KIK username - Fake usernames confirmed with ''Invalid KIK Username / Not a valid KIK username'' auto response from KIK when you try to message. STOP reporting people for being fake just because they don't reply.  That's your impatience not being a fake or invalid user!
- Other - Any LEGITIMATE reason that a user feels does not fit into an above category.

Please do NOT abuse this report system and post rubbish like ''she's a friend'' or ''I don't like her''. They are not rule breaking valid reasons to report someone, they are opinions!  You are just wasting your time and ours doing so and will eventually end up getting YOU permanently banned for posting fake/spam reports or abusing the report system!

Other Information:
- Gender Vs Sex - KFF has TWO means of username distribution, SEX and AGE: men or women can be over or under 18. THESE MEANS ARE OBJECTIVE, not interpretable or subject of choice. A "Gender", instead, is something you feel/choose, therefore interpretable and/or not objective. USERS ARE ASKED TO POST IN THE SECTION THEY BELONG TO, not the one THEY THINK THEY BELONG TO. This is not meant to be any form of social prejudice, just a statement to keep things clear.

- Can not post - If after some time has passed you feel your name should be able to be posted but isn't, there maybe a technical issue so please email our support team at: [email protected] or contact an online admin (blue name on the app).
- BLUE POSTS - Represent admins, staff, messages and information for ALL users, posted by admins!
- RED POSTS - Represent users who have paid for a red name!  Stand out among others!  Simply check the appropriate box in your KFF profile. Please note that purchase of a RED name does NOT exempt you from being banned and that red name applies ONLY ONCE when you are listed.
- Requesting a refund - If you wish to request a refund, p
lease email the Google Receipt / Order number along with your message to [email protected].
- Reporting on the app: Hold your finger on someone's name, ''Report Username''.
- Reporting on the web: Click the link on the corner of someone's profile, ''Report''.

Regarding bans:
- Dealing with admins - You have no reason or right to be rude, insulting or abusive etc to admins. We understand you maybe frustrated about being banned, that is understandable, however, we are enforcing the rules YOU have broken!  If you are abusive, insulting, rude etc, accept the fact you could receive no more assistance and communication will cease! 
- Permanent bans - When a permanent ban is applied (except ''User ID Requested''), it will not be lifted, therefore stop trying to get around bans and take your punishment. If you try to evade bans, you will be permanently banned on all related usernames/accounts.
- Appealing bans:
- Please be sure to use the BANNED USERNAME (KIK ID) to contact admins. This is CRUCIAL to proving you're banned and the account holder as we can not and WILL NOT discuss bans with anyone else on any other username, even if you claim it is yours! This is to protect your privacy and confirmation YOU are banned!
- Send some form of proof (you can also use ''get details'' in the ban notice). If possible send a screenshot and the following together, but if you can not screenshot at least send the following:
Green code at the bottom of the notice (app post when banned) -OR- IP ( at the top of the page (web post when banned).
- We need this information to help find your ban faster and more precisely! It is not a request, we need something!  Without it expect delays, or, in extremely rare cases, the unfortunate ''not listed / not banned'' reply because your given code is wrong or not listed, or your username you are using is not listed / banned or belongs to someone else!
- Please stop making us have to ask for it as you are already told in the ban you have to show us and it should be common sense / courtesy!  If this is not done and we have nothing to check or confirm, you will receive no help until it is provided, making you and us wait longer!  Please also stop assuming we know every ban instantly!  You are NOT the only person we deal with!  We are busy daily and have a lot of people to get through, be patient and make it easier for both admins AND users, not harder for yourself by rushing us, not providing anything but a ''why am i banned'', or using a alternate username!
User Identification Requested (Temporary restriction/verification):
Like many high-traffic apps, KFF is subject to a lot of spam and people in disguise, which administration staff has to fight on a daily basis.  Having to choose between restricting the app to members-only (which would include forced registration of users) vs. manual verification of users, we have chosen to keep the application access free to use and manually verify members' authenticity.

If you notice you have been banned for "user identification requested", you aren't actually banned, but rather you are just being politely questioned for the safety of the app environment. What you will be asked to provide is a live picture of your face, holding some writing that you will be told about at the very last minute. You will be given a maximum of 5 minutes since the process starts to provide this correctly and within the time, but you can CHOOSE when to start.  If you're unable to undergo verification when you contact the admin initially, simply let the admin know you can not do it at that moment, but you will be willing to later.  Then make sure you message when you are ready and when the admin is ready you can get it sorted!

VERIFICATION ONLY HAPPENS ONCE PER USERNAME: this means if you already verified and get blocked again on the same username, you just simply need to ask the admin to check for your verification picture in the database as rarely mistakes occur!  However, this also means that if you decide to use a new/fresh username at some point and post it on KFF, sooner or later you may be asked for verification again on the new username, even if you verified previously before.

Admins try their best to be professionals, so make sure you do your part!

Please read and understand the following responses to FAQs:
- Yes, once issued, verification is mandatory to obtain access to KFF again. Could happen at your first post, or, after years of usage.  When it comes, it comes. Refusal or not complying will keep you banned!

- Yes, face MUST be included and CLEARLY visible: this means no pictures in the dark, no hiding behind the writing, no attempting to cover parts of your face etc.
- No, you cannot know the writing in advance as this is meant to avoid fabrication of fake pictures. 5 minutes is more than enough time to write some simple text on a paper and take a live picture.
- No, your verification picture will not be published or shared in any way, to anybody, ever! It will not become your picture on KFF and you will not be forced to use it.

- No, it doesn't matter if the picture comes out mirrored, that's a typical camera issue which will not affect the outcome of your verification.  Admins can read backwards!
- The moment the writing is revealed (told what to write after you declare you are ready), the timer starts (based on KIK timestamp) and it cannot be stopped.
- Make sure you ask the needed questions BEFORE you declare to be ready!

- Failing to comply / respond at all, or, failing to verify correctly as you are told to and within the time limit will result in you being indefinitely banned from KFF.
- Failed verification doesn't involve second chances.  Just because you can choose the moment that it is convenient to verify, does not mean you can make excuses for anything after the time starts!

We understand this can be seen as a privacy violation, however, instead of asking for a proper identification means via mail, this method is less invasive and a lot faster.  Also pictures aren't shown publicly and admins aren't collectors. The only purpose of this is to fulfil our prime directive: having real people using the app and keep out fake users who wish to scam others.

Official Staff (Info purposes only):
[email protected] - Owner - inactive on KIK

Update V14
7th Nov 2016
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