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Effective from: 23rd May 2017
Update: 4.40

Terms of Service (ToS) and posting guidelines:
By using KFF you agree to follow the rules, ToS and posting guidelines in this page at all times. Failure to comply will result in a ban.

 - Profile pictures: Never use sexually suggestive, underage, illegal images or those belonging to someone else.
 - Sex side:  You must post on your birth sex side only. This applies to everyone at all times and with no exceptions.
 - Adult lists: Intended for users aged 18+ to indicate you are an adult. It is not for sexual content or to break any rules in this page.
 - Red username: Optional paid feature to colour your username red. It is a one time use for the time you are listed, and you are not exempt from following rules or being banned. Refund requests for genuine issues? Please email: [email protected] with your google receipt/payment proof, KIK username and issue.
 - Usernames: You are only allowed to post one valid KIK username that you are the account holder of.
 - Ages: Minimum age is 13+ to use KFF. Your posted age must be real. Suspected fake or multiple ages can result in a ban. Underage users will stay permanently banned.
 - Descriptions and interests: See ''Inappropriate topic'' and ''Illegal topic'' below.
 - VPN / Proxy connections: Do not use a VPN or proxy. You get banned because of someone else, or you cause them to be banned because of you.
 - Advertising / promoting / sponsoring: You are not allowed to advertise any links, apps or file sharing services. You will not advertise anything with sexually suggestive, underage or illegal content. Only post your own personal social media.

Appealing bans and contacting admins:
 - Admins need a diagnostic code, screenshot, or IP address found here: https://broakenmedia.co.uk/tools/bans. Without it, they can't confirm your ban or discuss details. Please provide it when you message them.
 - Some proof of a mistake is needed when you appeal. Don't use being banned as an excuse to complain or ask to have it lifted because you broke the rules you didn't follow or read. It is in place for a reason and all answers can be found here.
 - Contact the banning admin only using the same username that was banned from KFF. Admins will not discuss bans with any other username.

Ban qualifiers:
The following are starting times based on first time rule breaking. Repeatedly breaking rules will result in a permanent ban. Admins always check previous ban history before a ban is issued so please don't argue or lie when they tell you that you've been banned before.

1Hour OR 24Hour start: 
Male on female list:
Confirmed male posting on the female or adult female list.
Female on male list: Confirmed female posting on the male or adult male list.
Posting on male and female lists: Posting on both sex lists alternatively or simultaneously.
Inappropriate pornography: Users aged 18+ showing sexually suggestive images in profile pictures.
Sale/Trade of illicit imagery: Zero tolerance for selling imagery of any age, regardless of ban time. Actual or implied sexually suggestive trading involving users aged 18+ will not be tolerated. This includes references to file sharing services, apps or websites.
Posting with a fake name or intending to spam: Invalid, deliberately edited, spamming usernames or attempted ban evading.
Inappropriate Topic: These are sexually suggestive references whether implied or directly mentioned:
 - Role-play or similar references involving family members or teachers.
 - References to DDLG, DMLG, DDLB, DMLB, BDSM, master, slave, mistress, dom, sub, scat, pee, top, bottom, daddy, mommy.
 - Unnecessary and / or excessive profanity or references to
bullying, harassment, discrimination.
 - References, including implied, to genitals, breasts, butts.
 - Sexting, dirty chats, being horny, sex toys, impregnation, underwear, incest or zoophilia (beastiality).
 - Anything non sexual and non illegal involving minors
aged 12-.
 - Self harm including cutting, eating disorders and suicide. Sharing information that does not promote this is ok.

Permanent Bans:
Underage/Illegal pornography:
Users aged 17- showing sexually suggestive images in profile pictures.
Sale/Trade of ILLEGAL imagery: Zero tolerance for selling imagery of any age, regardless of ban time. Actual or implied sexually suggestive trading involving users aged 17- will not be tolerated. This includes references to file sharing services, apps or websites.
Ban evading: Any posts made referencing a banned user or username will be permanently banned. Do not repost while temporarily banned or after being permanently banned.
ILLEGAL Topic: These are sexually suggestive, underage or illegal topics whether implied or directly mentioned:
 - Asking for anything sexual and / or illegal involving users aged 12-, or references to babies or littles
 - Rape, crimes or terrorism based references.
 - Money, gift, reward or item references including references to bank cards, bank details, PayPal, Bitcoin, sugar mommy / daddy / baby, being spoiled etc.
Posting another users name without consent: You are not allowed to post anyone else's username. New laws prevent anyone from sharing other people information online.
Impersonation / Invasion of privacy: Impersonating other users, celebrities, KIK / KFF staff is unacceptable, and impersonating law enforcement officials is a criminal offence.

Gender Verification Requested FAQ's:
Why a 'permanent' ban?
- It is a 'temporary' permanent ban to stop you posting while you are being verified. It only becomes an official permanent ban if you ignore the request, refuse to verify or fail to verify correctly as asked and within the time given. There are no second chances given.
Why am I being verified? - Random selection, suspected of posting on the wrong list, or reported as a seller / scammer. We just want to check and be sure. KFF only wants genuine users with good intentions, who post on the correct side and follow the rules.
Why verify the way KFF does? - It is non-invasive and quicker than requesting real ID proof and can be done within a few minutes.
Banned after being verified before? - An innocent and rare mistake! Simply ask the admin to check for your verification picture. If you have passed before it will be listed and you will be unbanned.
I am a verified user and banned for verification again? If you use a new username you could be asked for verification again. It applies to the account or username, not the user.
Can’t verify straight away? - Let the banning admin know that you are willing to verify but unable to at that time you message them. Please do not take days or weeks to comply as it makes admins think you could be ignoring verification and you could stay banned for ignoring the request.
Will my verification picture be used or visible anywhere? - No. Your verification picture will not be used, sold, shared or visible anywhere, ever. It will not become your profile picture, and you are not forced to use it. The only people who could potentially see it, work for KFF. No one else has access.
Are flipped images a problem? - No. That is a typical camera issue. Admins can still read the writing backwards.

User report system:
Did not post my name here: Account holders report their own username as posted by somebody else.
Is pornographic: Showing sexually suggestive, underage or illegal content in profile pictures, descriptions or interest sections including nude trading references or similar.
Offensive / Verbal Abuse: Unnecessary and / or excessive profanity or references to
bullying, harassment, discrimination.
Selling Images/Services: Any sellers or scammers are reported for this. What they do is illegal. Do not get involved with them. Report anyone who matches these conditions or similar:
 - Constantly spamming posts with descriptions containing the same username.
 - References to selling nudes, services, imagery, cam shows or underwear etc. Some even specify similar references to ''giving away free nudes''.
 - They request conditions to be met such as giving money, downloading apps, registering accounts or visiting websites first etc.
 - They can have sexually suggestive images on their profile pictures, usually female images.
 - They spam similar but edited usernames in the username field.
Male on female list: Confirmed male posting on the female or adult female list.
Female on male list: Confirmed female posting on the male or adult male list.
Not a valid Kik username: Invalid KIK usernames, deliberately edited and / or banned usernames (include words like ''kikbelow'' / ''look in description'' / ''read description'' etc).
Other > Delete my name: Android users can usually remove their own post, however, sometimes due to a network change or another technical issue, this option could become unavailable. Please report your own name as or contact an online admin and ask them to remove it.
Other > Fake age or multiple ages: KFF requires users to provide real information where indicated. If someone has posted multiple ages or you can tell they have lied, then report them please.

How to report:
Android (app): Hold your finger on someone's name, ''Report username'', select the reason from the presets, or use the ''other'' option for something that is not listed.
Website: Click the ''Report'' link on the corner of someone's profile.
Note: Spamming inaccurate report reasons can result in a ban. The system is intended for those who genuinely want to help admins who may have missed something in a KFF post. Admins time is focused on keeping lists clean and keeping the environment safe. Inaccurate reports disrupt that from happening and waste admins time unnecessarily.

Other information:
Can’t post: If after some time has passed, you are having trouble making a post, please contact an online admin to check, or email [email protected].
Announcements / Global Messages: These are friendly reminders to all app users about reading and following the rules, the online admin at that time, general information, warnings about dangerous users, KIK staff imposters, KFF staff imposters or other useful information. It is seen by everyone on the app on all lists.

KFF Official Staff:
[email protected] - Refunds or technical issues, if an admin is unable to help.

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